Keeping Your Operations Running Smoothly: The Importance of Haas Equipment Repairs

Keeping Your Operations Running Smoothly: The Importance of Haas Equipment Repairs

Every industry depends on state-of-the-art machinery to perform various complex tasks and keep operations running smoothly. Amongst several brands that cater to these industrial needs, Haas Automation, Inc. is one of the top brands that cater to these industrial needs. Founded in 1983, Haas Automation is the largest machine tool […]

How Industrial Electronic Repair Saves You Money and Helps the Environment

How Industrial Electronic Repair Saves You Money and Helps the Environment

Industrial electronics are not built to last forever. At one point, the equipment may get damaged enough to cease production or, worst-case scenario, be destroyed by a disaster. When such an unfortunate occurrence happens, you will likely wonder how you can get back to full production as soon as possible. […]

Got Bad Capacitors? Here’s What to Do!

FIVE bad capacitors are what got a Condor power supply grounded! Output voltage reduced to zero! Our customer had fallen victim to one of the most failure-prone components in a power supply: the electrolytic capacitor. Staying informed on the facts about  bad capacitors is IMPORTANT to protecting your power supply […]

Real Life From the Plant: C Axis drive not ok Error on Servo Drive

From the outside, this drive looks innocent enough.  But on the inside all HELL was breaking loose! “C Axis drive not ok Error” was the symptom reported. But this Osai-Prima Electro Servo Drive 97942050N drive was in need of some serious repairs! Burned spots with burned traces were found inside, […]

YES! ACS Industrial Repairs Medical Electronics

You’ve been asking!  These days we are frequently asked, “Do you repair medical electronics?” The answer is YES! ACS repairs many electronics for medical and laboratory devices. And, our experienced technicians have more than 20 years of experience with electronic medical and laboratory equipment repairs! When your electronic equipment is […]

Are Industrial Automation and Robotics the Same Thing?

Well, yes and no! When we use “automation” and “robotics” in the same sentence, we are usually talking about industrial automation. That is – controlling the physical processes of manufacturing with non-human machinery.

Can Your Legacy Pacific Scientific Servo Equipment be Repaired?

In a word: Yes! Legacy Pacific Scientific servo equipment CAN typically be repaired! There’s a ton of really good Pacific Scientific servo equipment still out there in manufacturing plants being used every single day. You might also be wondering what ever happened to this excellent brand. Don’t worry! The story […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Circuit Boards and Avoid Circuit Board Repairs

As you probably know by now, printed circuit boards don’t last forever.  Not even the expensive ones inside your industrial equipment.   But did you know that you can extend the life of your circuit boards? And, potentially put off the need for circuit board repairs a little longer?

Are Your Servo Controllers Repairable?

Small yes, but oh so important! That’s your servo controller! What are your options if your servo controller stops functioning during machine operation? Are your servo controllers repairable?  Is replacement the answer?  It all depends!