T or F? Are Water Damaged Industrial Electronics Repairable?

TRUE or FALSE?  H20 + ELECTRONICS = Nightmare.  Are water-damaged industrial electronics repairable or always “toast”? The truth is, this is very often a true equation. Water is definitely one third of the Evil Triad (water, heat, dirt) that can spell disaster for electronic equipment like this Omron NS8—TV00B-V2 HMI.

The Show Must Go On! What To Do About Damaged Power Supplies

The show must go on! Power surges, lightning strikes, and just sheer component aging are all problems our broadcaster customers deal with often – especially with their damaged power supplies. Keeping good backups around is key to making sure the show DOES go on! Good surge protection can also help […]

REAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Can a Water Damaged Sorenson Power Supply be Saved?

REAL LIFE ELECTRONIC REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR:  As a plant manager or owner, a number of situations come to mind as being “nightmarish”. One of them would probably include “flood” and “water damaged electronics”. In this case, rain poured into a roof vent accidentally left open in our […]

Repair or Replace Your Damaged Touchscreen Control?

REAL LIFE SITUATIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR:   Is your industrial touchscreen control not powering up? Display doesn’t work? Or both? This sounds like really bad news, with an even worse repair prognosis. Or does it? Did our customer need to replace their damaged touchscreen control? Let’s find out! Our Midwest […]

6 Signs Your Industrial Logic Circuit Board Has Gone Bad

Maybe your production came to an abrupt halt, or you are getting all kinds of beeping and error codes from your industrial electronics.  Could your industrial logic circuit board be the culprit? These are potentially expensive problems to have when it means production is affected. You want to get answers fast!

When is a Garage Door That Fails to Open a Big Crisis?

Ok, that’s sort of a trick question. Whenever a garage door won’t open, whoever is stuck inside, or out, considers it a crisis, right? But what if NASA can’t open a 200 foot bay door for a scheduled launch? Now that’s a crisis! While NASA may be full of electronics […]

Oil Refinery Downtime Crisis Averted Thanks to RUSH Circuit Board Repairs

“We are thisclose to a potential shutdown if we don’t get this mission-critical circuit board repaired immediately!” said the “Ginormous Oil” Company plant manager, in a panicy phone call to our customer service rep. Their Gulf of Mexico oil refinery was in danger of experiencing a shutdown that could cost […]

What Does a Failed Servo Amp Look Like and What to do About It

What does a failed DC servo amp look like? Servo amplifiers can and DO go rogue and this can happen anywhere. For example, this damaged Copley Controls DC Servo Amplifier p/n 800-232 failed on the job at a large, East Coast U.S. university. The failure, as described by our customer: […]