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How to Care For Your Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

Industrial touch screen monitors are not only easy to use,  they’re built to withstand harsh environments and heavy use, which is perfect for industrial settings, including machine shops and production facilities.

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Touch screens can serve a variety of purposes, including controlling sensitive machinery, and making quick adjustments on production lines. Industrial touch screen monitors can also function as early warning systems by displaying messages and lights to alert users that something is going wrong. 

While they are built to be sturdier than desktop style touch screen monitors, industrial monitors still need to be cared for. Wiping down the screen with specially designed cleaning cloths can remove dirt and debris, which can build up and decrease the sensitivity of the screen. Using rags, paper towels, or napkins isn’t a wise choice, as they tend to smear grease and dirt and in some cases press debris and dirt into the screen’s surface.

When your industrial touch screen monitor isn’t performing well, you may need to recalibrate it. Poor accuracy can result in machine malfunctions, which results in downtime. Most touch screens provide calibration functions directly on the screen, while others may need operators to calibrate via buttons on the monitor frame. 

Touch screens which are connected to larger computers or mainframes can malfunction due to improperly installed operating systems – or they may require updates. If the screen isn’t working correctly, your IT department may need to check the software to see if it’s out of date or requires a patch – software updates that help correct security holes or other recently discovered problems.

You can also access the screen’s setting to determine if the sensitivity level is too high or too low, either setting can affect performance – and if users aren’t careful they can damage the electronics that lay directly under the screen’s surface. Over time the sensitivity of the screen can be affected by heavy use.

Some screens come with a stylus, which comes in handy when users are wearing gloves or other protective gear. Keep the stylus nearby to discourage people from using pens, pencils or other objects with sharp points – when holes are poked into the screen, the surrounding area can malfunction or stop working altogether.

Regardless of how careful you and your coworkers are, industrial touch screen monitors may need to be repaired, which can save on having to completely replace the equipment. 

ACS Industrial has been repairing these types of monitors for more than two decades, and our connections with parts suppliers helps ensure quick turnaround with quality components.

In addition we offer free evaluation and a repair quote so you experience minimal downtime. When your bring your industrial touch screen monitor in for service you can expect:

  • To save up to 80% of the cost to buy a new one
  • Your monitor will be back in your hands in 5-15 days. 
  • With our Rush Repair option you can have your equipment back in just 2-5 days.
  • A guarantee on our repairs with a full two-year warranty .

For a Free Evaluation, use our RMA Form link or visit our website and click on the “Contact Us” button on the upper right hand. You can also reach out to us at 800-605-6419 and speak to someone on our customer support team.

Varian Circuit Board Repair

Varian03-930210-01  RepairsEvery week…no, no, make that every DAY we get interesting items in for repair.  They are causing trouble for the various industrial plants, offices, or wherever they came out of.  This week’s Troublemaker:  a Varian circuit board 03-930210-01.  The defective board (pictured) comes out of a Varian Saturn 2000 MS power suppy  located in a plant in Liechtenstein- problem was, it wasn’t supplying any power causing a hold-up in production.   In case you didn’t know, Liechtenstein is located in central Europe between Austria and Switzerland.

The European plant needed electronics repair fast and they couldn’t find it in Liechtenstein or anywhere nearby.   They contacted ACS Industrial and we were able to turn this around and ship it back repaired to Liechtenstein in just 8 days.  Doesn’t matter where you are, we will jump through hoops to help you out!  Do you need electronics repair?  Call our helpful customer service team at 800-605-6419 or go straight to our website to fill out a Free Repair Evaluation form at

How to Change Your Processes to Meet the EPAs NESHAP Rule 6X

Industrial Electronic Repair ServicesThe EPAs NESHAP Rule 6X went into effect in July 2011.  Did you miss the announcement of this rule?  If so, according to The reports you are not alone.

The rule applies to companies that are primarily engaged (that is 50 percent or more of their total labor) in one or more of the following categories: electrical and electronic equipment finishing, fabricated metal products, fabricated plate work (boiler shops), fabricated structural metal manufacturing, heating equipment (except electric), industrial machinery and equipment finishing, iron and steel forging, primary metal products manufacturing, and valve and pipe fittings.  That describes quite a lot of our customers!

Operations that are impacted by this new rule include:  dry abrasive blasting (3 types), dry grinding, dry polishing with machines, dry machining, spray painting (2 types), and welding.

Excluded from this new rule are:  military installations; NASA facilities; national nuclear security facilities; military munitions facilities; some research or laboratories (defined by the Clean Air Act); tool, quality control, and equipment repair facilities; and welding facilities that use less than 2,000 lbs of rod or wire that does not contain any identified HAPs.

Why did the EPA establish this new rule?  To prevent cancer, birth defects, and other health effects caused by exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants as defined by the EPA in 2008.  Just some of these materials are those that contain 0.1 percent by weight of cadmium, chromium, lead or nickel; or 1.0 percent by weight of manganese.

What should you do if you fall into the categories above?

  1. Notify the EPA
  2. Change your processes to eliminate the HAP (dust and fume collectors with high-efficiency cartridge filtration is considered acceptable)
  3. Conduct a Method 22 emissions test (See website for how to do this)
  4. Retest to confirm

If you want more information on this important subject, here’s a FAQ that can answer a lot of your questions:

ACS Industrial Services provides industrial electronic repair services for virtually all types of commercial and industrial electronics. Need servo motor repair?  Drive repair? Circuit board repair?   CNC repairs? Call our customer service team at 800-605-6419 for assistance or head straight to our website at to request a free evaluation and quote for repairs.


American Manufacturing Plant Managers Bullish About 2012 – Read What They Have to Say

Plant Engineering has just released the results of their 2012 Salary Survey Analysis which very nicely covers much more than just salary data.  The overall impression from this survey is that American manufacturers are really raring to go and are ready to be done with all things recessionary.

In 2010 Plant Engineers/Managers were growing increasingly concerned with maintenance issues – in fact it was their number one plant concern.  That concern grew even louder in 2011 with survey responders frequently pointing out that their plant was lacking skilled workers, capital, direction from upper management, and funding for maintenance including for maintenance personnel.

Here are some of the highlights of the 2011 survey:

Plant Engineers’ 2011/2012 Top Plant Facility Concerns:

  • 37.3% Maintenance
  • 25% HR/Personnel Training Issues
  • 25% Automation

What Should Get the Most Attention?

  • 44.4% Maintenance
  • 28.8% HR/Personnel Training
  • 20.8% Automation Systems

Although energy concerns were fairly low on both of the above lists, 82% of respondents said that sustainability does play a role in decision-making at their organization.

Plant Engineers’ 2011/2012 Top Issues:

  • 30% Skills gap
  • 23%  Ineffective management
  • 20.5% Government interference
  • 13.7% Company downsizing

Respondents reported that the Skills Gap had two components – an age issue (many of America’s skilled workers are now in their 50s and will age out) and a training issue.

Looking to the Future:

  • 28% see no end to their recession in sight
  • 52.2% say the recession has ended
  • 18.4% see the recession ending soon for them
  • 44% expect to add lines or shifts in 2012 (the
    same as in 2011)

The Plant Manager/Engineer in a Nutshell:

  • Average Age: 58 (17% are over 60, 2.3% are under 30)
  • 71.1% have a college degree
  • 94% Use social media (up from 43% in 2010) primarily LinkedIn (59%) which they use mostly for business networking purposes but not so much for problem solving (15%) or product reviews (10%).

For more details, graphs and charts, click on this link PlantEngineering.

Plant managers are, of course, some of ACS Industrial Services’ very favorite people.  We work hard to make your life a little bit easier by providing timely and reliable industrial electronic equipment repairs from circuit boards, to CNC equipment to servo motors and everything in-between.

Highlights of 4th Quarter Manufacturing Survey of North American Manufacturers has reported the latest MFGWatch survey results for the 4th quarter and they are both interesting and heartening in some areas.  The survey represents a cross section of industries including consumer products, machinery tools & equipment, textiles, aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense.  Here’s a quick view of the highlights:

  • 53% of respondents reported growth in company sales with only 18% reporting a decline.
  • 26% increased their staff, 57% stayed the same (but purchased more technology), and 14% reported a decrease in staff.
  • 22% returned production into or closer to North America from a low-cost country while 69% did not
  • 23%, however, reported they are researching bringing some of their production into or closer to North America while 46% said they would not
  • The top 4 important factors threatening sourcing or supply chain strategies were:  Logistics & Shipping costs (37%); Product Quality Compliance (37%); Availability of Competent Suppliers (35%) and
    Fuel/Oil prices (29%)
  • 27% reported they will be increasing their exports to foreign markets while only 2% said they would decrease exports
  • The top 5 issues having the most impact on the economic & competitive future of manufacturing in their regions were:  Operating Costs (51%); Access to Capital (35%); Logistics, Shipping & Energy Costs (34%); Extensive Government Regulations 31% ; Availability of Qualified Labor (31%)

There is more detail and plenty of graphs to be found in the full article on

ACS Industrial provides expert industrial electronic repair services to all of these industries and more.  If you need industrial electronic services such as servo motor repair, circuit board repair, cnc equipment repair, touch screen or monitor repair, plc repair or other similar services on a large or small scale our professional service technicians are here to help.  Contact our customer service reps at 800-605-6419 or you can go directly to our website at for more information or to submit an online repair form.

The Secret to Success is Not Keeping Success a Secret

Get Great Customer Service With Your Industrial Electronic Repairs at ACSJust yesterday I was listening to a sports interviewer (who shall go unnamed) baiting Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens by suggesting the team was great but  “stuck” with QB Joe Flacco.  It made me think for a few minutes about why Joe Flacco does not seem to get the media respect that he statistically deserves.  As  I explained to two of my three sons (while waiting for the school bus at 6:20 a.m.!), maybe it’s because he is a pretty low key guy and does not spend much time, for better or worse, tooting his own horn.

After the big yellow school bus pulled away, I thought about this some more and applied it to our business.  An “Aha!” moment.  The secret to success is NOT keeping success a secret – but with at least some degree of dignity.  That same day I received a note from one of our customers that went like this:

“I think everyone at ACS is so prompt and professional and it’s actually a pleasure doing business with ACS. I recommend ACS to everyone I do business with.”

Now, we get quite a few comments like this which reassures me our customer service team members are absolutely the best.  Great repairs are important, but the process shouldn’t be painful.  Superior customer service is the sweet spot…the great differentiator.

If you’ve been getting the runaround from your industrial electronic repair house, give our team a call at 800-605-6419.  We promise we will do everything possible to
get your industrial electronics repaired and returned to you quickly and in good working order … with a pleasant and helpful attitude.

Visit our ACS Industrial Services website too where you can find info on all types of industrial electronic repair services from circuit board repairs to servo drive repairs to monitor & touch screen repairs.  And if you have comments, praise, or yes, even complaints, please let us know.  We do want to hear from you.

And as a final thought, what was that guy thinking baiting Terrell Suggs?!  Hasn’t he seen what this guy does to opposing quarterbacks?  I suspect even Pittsburgh’s Big Ben Roethlisberger dreads facing Mr. Suggs on game day because he knows the next day he is going to be hurting!  Go Ravens!!

Zirconium, Niobium, Hafnium, Tantalum!

ACS Provides Repair Services for IndustryZirconium, niobium, hafnium, tantalum!  A magical spell?  No, just a list of exotic alloys used in the steel industry that are only a smidgen away from being “unobtainium”.  They are still fun to say even after having spent almost 20 years in the wonderful world of welding.

Speaking of unobtainium, magic spells, and the steel industry, did you know that as of September 10, 2011 domestic raw steel production is actually up 6.4% from the same time last year?  Pretty significant considering the amount of steel produced in the U.S. and the role steel plays in almost every facet of our lives.

The lion’s share of the steel produced goes to construction at 38%, distantly followed by  the automotive industry at 21%, machinery & equipment at 13%, then energy, defense-related, containers, appliances and others, in that order.  It’s not out of line to say that steel has changed the world like few other substances and that the industry is alive and well today while it evolves to meet today’s needs.

Many of our customers are busy forming, joining, rolling, casting,hammering, extruding, stamping, machining, welding, or bending steel for thousands of different uses.  And if they aren’t making something out of steel, you can bet their production equipment is made from steel.

It’s all good when that equipment is in working order, but it’s not so magical when production is stopped by damaged or defective equipment.  Did your plc fail?  Servo motor go bad? Drive alarming?

We complete repairs for Allen Bradley equipment to Okuma, to Yaskawa equipment and everything in between.  Let us get our technicians right on your damaged equipment and get them back to you fully tested and in perfect working order.

No fooling around, no nonsense and no magic spells (although sometimes it might see like magic!).  Just fast, expert industrial repair services for the most important part of our company – our customers!  Call our helpful customer service team at 800-605-6410 or go directly to our website at where you can request a free evaluation for your damaged equipment.

Get Service for Hurricane Damaged Industrial Electronics

Hurricane Irene has been no friend to the East Coast …and certainly no friend to your industrial electronics.  Some good news…our facilities are up and running at ACS.  Even though some of our staff’s homes still do not have power, everyone is pulling to keep ACS busy solving your repair needs.

If you’ve got water or storm damaged industrial electronics, not all is lost.  Many items may still be repairable.  Following Hurricane Katrina the ACS team was able to provide repair services to many companies affected.  Our techs were able to repair many pieces of industrial electronics including a large quantity of circuit boards coated in Louisiana mud.  It was messy, but we did it!

Get your equipment back up and running fast.  Our tech team is ready to help you with board repairs, power supply repairs, drive repairs, motor repairs, monitors, encoder repairs, and most other industrial electronics repairs.

For assistance, call our helpful customer service team at 800-605-6419 or go directly to our website where you can request a repair evaluation   Rush service is available.