How to Care For Your Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

Industrial touch screen monitors are not only easy to use,  they’re built to withstand harsh environments and heavy use, which is perfect for industrial settings, including machine shops and production facilities.

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Touch screens can serve a variety of purposes, including controlling sensitive machinery, and making quick adjustments on production lines. Industrial touch screen monitors can also function as early warning systems by displaying messages and lights to alert users that something is going wrong. 

While they are built to be sturdier than desktop style touch screen monitors, industrial monitors still need to be cared for. Wiping down the screen with specially designed cleaning cloths can remove dirt and debris, which can build up and decrease the sensitivity of the screen. Using rags, paper towels, or napkins isn’t a wise choice, as they tend to smear grease and dirt and in some cases press debris and dirt into the screen’s surface.

When your industrial touch screen monitor isn’t performing well, you may need to recalibrate it. Poor accuracy can result in machine malfunctions, which results in downtime. Most touch screens provide calibration functions directly on the screen, while others may need operators to calibrate via buttons on the monitor frame. 

Touch screens which are connected to larger computers or mainframes can malfunction due to improperly installed operating systems – or they may require updates. If the screen isn’t working correctly, your IT department may need to check the software to see if it’s out of date or requires a patch – software updates that help correct security holes or other recently discovered problems.

You can also access the screen’s setting to determine if the sensitivity level is too high or too low, either setting can affect performance – and if users aren’t careful they can damage the electronics that lay directly under the screen’s surface. Over time the sensitivity of the screen can be affected by heavy use.

Some screens come with a stylus, which comes in handy when users are wearing gloves or other protective gear. Keep the stylus nearby to discourage people from using pens, pencils or other objects with sharp points – when holes are poked into the screen, the surrounding area can malfunction or stop working altogether.

Regardless of how careful you and your coworkers are, industrial touch screen monitors may need to be repaired, which can save on having to completely replace the equipment. 

ACS Industrial has been repairing these types of monitors for more than two decades, and our connections with parts suppliers helps ensure quick turnaround with quality components.

In addition we offer free evaluation and a repair quote so you experience minimal downtime. When your bring your industrial touch screen monitor in for service you can expect:

  • To save up to 80% of the cost to buy a new one
  • Your monitor will be back in your hands in 5-15 days. 
  • With our Rush Repair option you can have your equipment back in just 2-5 days.
  • A guarantee on our repairs with a full two-year warranty .

For a Free Evaluation, use our RMA Form link or visit our website and click on the “Contact Us” button on the upper right hand. You can also reach out to us at 800-605-6419 and speak to someone on our customer support team.