Industrial Encoder Repair

In any mechanical process, every component has its own job and role – regardless of its size. Whether it’s the main shaft or a simple circuit, everything has to work together for your operation to run efficiently.

When a part begins to show wear or is malfunctioning, the rest of the equipment will not be working to its fullest potential – and other components will begin to feel the effect. It’s a simple chain reaction that can lead to breakdowns and lost time.

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Encoders play a key role in translating rotary or linear motion into a digital signal, which helps determine the speed or position of a motor or other moving equipment. Think of an encoder as a measuring system for moving parts.

An encoder falls into basically two categories: linear and rotary. The linear encoder will respond to motion along a dedicated path, while its counterpart will respond to rotational motion. 

Depending on their design, encoders can provide unique position values from the moment they are turned on. Incremental encoders function differently because they generate an output signal each time the shaft rotates.

If a motor or other piece of equipment begins to move too fast or slow – or starts and stops on an irregular basis, the problem could be the encoder. This could be caused by bugs in the controller program, but if a diagnostic test doesn’t turn up anything, the next step is to use a handheld oscilloscope.

This handy tool can help identify problems such as excessive noise or the failure of a cable shield coming loose – or not having been properly attached. One of the advantages of an oscilloscope is that it produces a graphic clearly showing how the electrical signals are behaving.

Encoders for heavy industry are designed to withstand harsh environments and heavy use. In addition, they are built to withstand particulates, moisture and other contaminants, along with a dependable speed performance. 

Other encoders are available to help run servo motors, and are usually encased in the actual motor housing.  Encoders in Servo Systems can be used in a variety of machines, from small to large. They provide speed and distance measurements for all types of applications.

A faulty encoder causes incorrect positioning and/or speed that is critical in Machining. It can mean the difference between a correctly machined part and a waste of material. 

Encoder Repair at ACS

ACS has serviced encoders and resolvers since we opened our doors and we’ve continued that practice for two decades. This depth of expertise translates into professional evaluations delivered with accurate quotes.

ACS repairs all of the popular models and brands and supports most manufacturers. You can check out our website for a partial list, and we also have a Search Repair Catalog that allows users to search by name or part number.

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