Why Industrial Electronics Can Fail

Like all technology, industrial electronics are not immune to issues and repairs. With many hours of wear and tear on a device, repairs are essential to keep your industrial electronics from complete failure. The experts at ACS Industrial Services have rounded up a few common sources for industrial electronic failure and how to help prevent them.

Industrial Electronics

Exterior Issues

The way a device is housed plays a critical role in its longevity. The exterior of a device is susceptible to a great deal of stress throughout the day, including temperature, dust and scratches. Industries that require industrial electronics equipment in a factory are especially susceptible to dust and debris damage. If a device has a crack in it, moisture can seep in and destroy the inside of the electronic device, like the circuit board. It’s crucial to keep the exterior of your industrial electronic device as protected as possible.

Failed Circuit Boards

The circuit board is like the heart of all devices, so therefore, any damage to a circuit board can destroy an item. Circuit boards can fail for any number of reasons, like overheating, exposure to dust, manufacturing defects and more. 

Power Surges

Some industrial electronic devices are more susceptible to power surge damage than others. Letting your circuit board experience excessive heat can cause total device failure. Another reason is a power surge, which can wreak havoc on circuit boards and destroy unprotected devices. 

Relay Failures

When a device’s relay is opened or closed, there is a certain amount of wear and tear on the item. An electrical arc can happen, which puts more stress on your device and can eventually lead to it breaking. 

Age of the Device

Unfortunately, age does play a factor in the longevity of an industrial electronic device. Regardless of the quality of a build, an electronic can age and no longer work. The good news is that even if an industrial electronic device starts to fail, there are components that make up the electronic circuit that can be replaced. This can also be done at the fraction of a price of a new device. 

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