Real Life From the Plant: C Axis drive not ok Error on Servo Drive

From the outside, this drive looks innocent enough.  But on the inside all HELL was breaking loose! “C Axis drive not ok Error” was the symptom reported. But this Osai-Prima Electro Servo Drive 97942050N drive was in need of some serious repairs! Burned spots with burned traces were found inside, […]

Are Industrial Automation and Robotics the Same Thing?

Well, yes and no! When we use “automation” and “robotics” in the same sentence, we are usually talking about industrial automation. That is – controlling the physical processes of manufacturing with non-human machinery.

Can Your Legacy Pacific Scientific Servo Equipment be Repaired?

In a word: Yes! Legacy Pacific Scientific servo equipment CAN typically be repaired! There’s a ton of really good Pacific Scientific servo equipment still out there in manufacturing plants being used every single day. You might also be wondering what ever happened to this excellent brand. Don’t worry! The story […]

Real Life Stories: Sanyo Denki Drive Unit Down! Please Rush!

“Please rush this as fast as possible! We are down!” We get it! We don’t like downtime either! It’s costly! Time to jump into action! Let’s get this Sanyo Denki Drive CFZ0A100DR4601 with error codes back to working order.

Troubleshooting and Repairs For Your Teknic SST-1500-561 Servo Drive

Small but mighty, servo drives are critical players on the industrial playing field. These drives are common in CNC machining, factory automation, and robotics . The Teknic SST-1500-561 servo drive is a frequent flyer – meaning there are a lot of them out there working hard (see photo). If your […]

What Have We Done Lately – Mitsubishi Repairs!

In our experience, Mitsubishi industrial electronic products are pretty great products. Even older, legacy Mitsubishi products are usually WELL worth getting Mitsubishi repairs. Many of our ACS customers have legacy Mitsubishi products in their plants and shops. Lately, we’ve had lots of damaged or malfunctioning Mitsubishi industrial electronics in our […]