When is a Garage Door That Fails to Open a Big Crisis?

Ok, that’s sort of a trick question. Whenever a garage door won’t open, whoever is stuck inside, or out, considers it a crisis, right? But what if NASA can’t open a 200 foot bay door for a scheduled launch? Now that’s a crisis!

While NASA may be full of electronics technicians, engineers and scientists, their time is better spent planning and executing space missions. So ACS was delighted when we had the  opportunity to help out NASA! After all, we can’t let a stuck bay door hold up the future, can we?!

“I remember when NASA called on us for a huge bay door controller repair!” said Arnie. “We were thrilled when we realized we could repair the circuit board for their bay door controller. We were able to get it repaired and back to them in just a couple of days.”

ACS has had the privilege of providing repairs for many other NASA facility-based electronics, but this one was especially rewarding. We are proud to be a small part of NASA space exploration, regardless of how earth-bound the work!

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