Top Manufacturing Trends to Watch For in 2023

Top Manufacturing Trends to Watch For in 2023

Disruption has been the major highlight of the manufacturing industry over the last few years. The global pandemic and several economic crises are some of the factors that created challenges in the manufacturing industry. Additionally, the fear of a looming recession makes it even more challenging for innovators in the […]

Industrial Electronics Basics: What Makes a Great Electronic Repair Technician?

Sometimes, keeping your business up and running is a matter of having the right technician to ensure your repair process is seamless and efficient. A repair technician will have a particular set of tasks, such as troubleshooting, repairing, testing, and maintaining equipment to keep it from breaking down. However, to […]

Industrial Electronics Basics: What Does An Encoder do?

If you run any industrial application that uses motion control or motion feedback, you should know that an encoder is crucial to your production. These nifty units play a vital role in production finding applications for a myriad of industrial devices, including: Often, these devices need to operate quickly and […]

How Do I Tell If My Electronic is Industrial?

When it comes to electronic devices, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between an industrial electronic device or a consumer electronic device. From time to time, we have ACS Industrial customers who will inquire about repairing an electronic device that does not actually fall into the “industrial” category.

Beware of Counterfeit Electronic Components

The industrial electronics industry is booming, both domestically and globally. As our society grows and becomes more technologically savvy, so does our need to purchase more industrial electronics to power our manufacturing efforts. Did you know that counterfeit electronic components are a multi-billion dollar industry on the Black Market? Keep […]

How Does Water Damage Affect Electronics?

We all know that electronics and water just don’t mix. Ask anyone who has dropped a smartphone in the sink or had a burst pipe flood their office over the weekend.  Water damage can occur in a variety of ways – there’s the “all at once” manner such as floods […]