Top Manufacturing Trends to Watch For in 2023

Top Manufacturing Trends to Watch For in 2023

Disruption has been the major highlight of the manufacturing industry over the last few years. The global pandemic and several economic crises are some of the factors that created challenges in the manufacturing industry. Additionally, the fear of a looming recession makes it even more challenging for innovators in the industry.

However, there are still expectations that there will be trends in the manufacturing industry in the coming years that could provide digital and technological solutions. If anything, manufacturers are looking into the challenges of economic crises as opportunities to innovate solutions. Here are some trends that will highlight the future of manufacturing in 2023:

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is already embraced in the manufacturing industry, and the future years will witness advancements in that area. Industrial IoT is simply an extension of the interconnectivity of devices but with industrial applications. It enables data collection between manufacturing devices and industrial settings. The Data enables a technological understanding of how machines work, making it easy for manufacturing industries to develop ways to reduce machine downtimes and optimize maintenance. 

Predictive Maintenance

Sensor data and artificial intelligence to analyze the failure patterns in industrial applications and manufacturing machines. Predictive maintenance is a significant advancement that helps manufacturing companies to know first-hand when machinery is likely to fail and mitigate the issues before it gets worse. In the coming years, many industries will embrace predictive maintenance to reduce downtimes and plan manufacturing processes.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Digital twins enable the simulation of physical objects and their reproduction. This is one manufacturing trend that will allow industries to easily create and reproduce machinery, products, factories, and layouts. In 2022, almost 70% of manufacturers are using digital twins to optimize the manufacturing process, and the numbers will increase in 2023 and the years to come. 


Manufacturing industries are striving to improve their productivity, and automation is one way they do so. Yes, automation has been in the manufacturing industry for some time now. However, in the coming years, automation may move to greater heights in minimizing human interventions. The manufacturing industry will see dark factories which are fully automated to increase accuracy and reduce costs in manufacturing and production.  

Additive Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is already embracing additive manufacturing through 3D printing, which is quite common now in various industries. There will be more of this manufacturing trend in the future, and commercial and industrial applications will use more 3D printing machinery in production.

Robot Cobots

Robot Cobots

Robot Cobots, or co-working robots, are simply robots that work alongside humans. The future of manufacturing will see a lot of co-working robots being embraced in various industries. There are already innovations in place that have manufactured robot cobots, but it is expected to advance and spread widely in 2023 and the future. The robot cobots innovations will have complete senses to understand the work environment and create a safe environment for humans to work alongside them. 

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