Got Bad Capacitors? Here’s What to Do!

FIVE bad capacitors are what got a Condor power supply grounded! Output voltage reduced to zero! Our customer had fallen victim to one of the most failure-prone components in a power supply: the electrolytic capacitor.

Staying informed on the facts about  bad capacitors is IMPORTANT to protecting your power supply and your other critical electronic assets! The two primary items that are affected by bad capacitors are Drives and Power Supplies. All Drives and Power Supplies use Electrolytic Capacitors in some part of the unit!

Here are some things to know about bad capacitors:



OMRON repairsREAL LIFE PLANT STORIES – “No sign of life”!

That was the “heart stopping” problem description that came along with this OMRON I/O 3G2C7-MC228 unit for repair. There was no input or output! Not really heart stopping exactly, but certainly production stopping! And headache causing for our customer!

What Damaged this I/O Unit?

When our tech team opened up the case of this I/O we found significant damage. The damage was caused by both corrosion and glue. The glue may have come from some previous repair, or even a spill. Corrosion of course comes from either water damage or too much humidity in the work environment.


Real Life From the Plant: C Axis drive not ok Error on Servo Drive

servo drive repairsFrom the outside, this drive looks innocent enough.  But on the inside all HELL was breaking loose! “C Axis drive not ok Error” was the symptom reported.
But this Osai-Prima Electro Servo Drive 97942050N drive was in need of some serious repairs! Burned spots with burned traces were found inside, along with bad capacitors, bus-caps and bad I/O relay.
osai prima repairsWhat would cause all this in a servo drive?
Excessive heat, over or under voltage surges and sags and/or rises in equivalent series resistance values are all possibilities along with component aging. In the case of the burned traces, other causes could include previous use of inappropriate acid core solder causing a short, or contaminants such as metallic dust, common in manufacturing facilities.


4 Ways to Protect Your Industrial Electronics from Lightning Damage

repairs for lightning damaged electronicsIs it possible to protect your industrial electronics from lightning damage?  Often!  Is the lightning damage to electronics repairable?  Sometimes.

Some “shocking” facts first:

A lightning strike lasts about 1-2 microseconds…not even time to blink an eye and yet long enough to cause destruction of life and property.  Storms this spring are already ferocious and violent in the U.S. Lightning and electronics do not play well together.  Check out some shocking facts that put your electronic gear (and YOU) in danger:


Bang! And Ripple? Let’s Talk About VFD Drive Repairs

“Operator heard a BANG when they turned the system on; drive does not function when power is applied.” That’s from our customer and a very unhappy scene played out in small shops and manufacturing plants around the country. A dramatic “call for help” from this ABB variable frequency drive! The result: Drive repairs needed!
So, what happened to this ABB VFD drive?

ABB drive repairsIn this case, it’s a perfect example of aging components combined with accumulated dirt. Inspection showed arc damage on the base in the area of the 3 phase A/C bridge module as well as some discrepancy in the gate circuits.

This ABB VFD ACS550-U1-059A-2+B055, Model: ACS550 first got a much needed thorough cleaning right down to the circuit boards and all components were tested. Repairs included replacing the 3 phase A/C bridge rectifier module and IGBT output module. A little detective work, a lot of cleaning and some new components put this ABB variable frequency drive back to work for our New England customer. ABB drive repairs successful! Pretty good news considering the dramatic call for help!


Avoid E-Waste: Repair, Replace, Reuse, Donate, or Recycle Your Electronic Equipment?

reuse electronics50 million tons! That’s right – that’s how much e-waste is expected to be generated in 2020, ALONE! What is e-waste, exactly? Discarded electronic equipment– anything discarded that has/had a battery or plug.

Is most of this e-waste industrial? Consumer? It’s both, of course. Both consumers and businesses are regularly faced with the dilemma – is it more cost effective to repair electronics? Or to replace? And if you choose to replace, what then do you do with the damaged item you no longer need? All good questions!

The Bad & The Ugly:


Can This ABB Control be Repaired? What’s Inside a Control Anyway?

ABB controllerCan legacy controllers be repaired? Is it worth the cost? The answer to these questions are, in most cases, YES!

Here’s a perfect example of a recent successful repair of a “legacy” control – ABB control p/n PM554-RP-AC repairs. This relatively simple control repair means that our marine management customer now has a fully functional controller back in service!

What went wrong inside this ABB control?


Philips Medical Monitor Repair Success!

philips medical monitor repairsMedical monitors don’t last forever! Very frustrating! But, the good news is that most monitors, like this Philips medical monitor, are repairable! And, best of all, they are usually cost effective to repair! In a recent example, with many Philips  monitors to repair, our clinical asset manager customer needed help fast!

The problem?

“There is no power coming out of this board to the backlight. We switched this boardphilips medical lmonitor repairs out with a working board and the backlight worked.” That was the helpful problem description provided by our customer. The item pictured is a Philips circuit board p/n M8079-66401 out of a Philips medical monitor.

The fix?


YES! ACS Industrial Repairs Medical Electronics

GE Healthcare electronics repairsYou’ve been asking!  These days we are frequently asked, “Do you repair medical electronics?” The answer is YES! ACS repairs many electronics for medical and laboratory devices. And, our experienced technicians have more than 20 years of experience with electronic medical and laboratory equipment repairs!

When your electronic equipment is not working, we know that you canphilips monitor repairs’t get the job done and everyone suffers. Our turnaround time is fast with RUSH repairs taking as little as 2-5 days to complete. We are an independent third-party repair house servicing out of warranty equipment that the OEM no longer supports. Our goal is to get your malfunctioning electronic equipment back up and running Fast, Accurately, and Economically.


Yes, ACS is Open and Repairing Your Electronics! Important Coronavirus Updates

ACS Industrial ServicesEvery day that we wake up, we are thankful to do so! And we are thankful to continue to be of service to our customers! All of us must adjust to practically an entirely new playing field, every day, due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and the responses required.

The safety of our employees, our customers, our vendors and supply chain are our top priority as this virus unfolds globally. Additionally, the economic impact of this will likely be immense and felt everywhere. Our customers are still relying on us to get their industrial electronics repaired and back to them quickly, and we take this very seriously.