OMRON repairsREAL LIFE PLANT STORIES – “No sign of life”!

That was the “heart stopping” problem description that came along with this OMRON I/O 3G2C7-MC228 unit for repair. There was no input or output! Not really heart stopping exactly, but certainly production stopping! And headache causing for our customer!

What Damaged this I/O Unit?

When our tech team opened up the case of this I/O we found significant damage. The damage was caused by both corrosion and glue. The glue may have come from some previous repair, or even a spill. Corrosion of course comes from either water damage or too much humidity in the work environment.

The Fix

The good news is that this I/O was not dead after all. Although it did require replacement of the entire main board.  Bringing this OMRON unit back to life also meant a good cleaning. The good news for you is that these I/O units are often repairable. And this one is a good example  – not a very complicated repair. This unit is already back to work in our customer’s fiber manufacturing plant!

Damage Prevention Recommendations

Mitigating a humid work environment may be difficult but worth exploring to protect your valuable electronic assets. Avoiding glue in your electronics may also be recommended!

To save you time, money, and frustration we recommend sending your damaged, or suspected damaged I/O units to an experienced professional industrial electronic repair company. For most plants, this is the most time and cost efficient way to get your I/O unit, or other automation equipment evaluated and repaired. Having a working spare handy is important if you want to keep production going while the other unit is being repaired.

If you are searching for a repair center for your damaged I/O unit or other automation electronics, check first to see if your equipment is still under warranty. If it is still under warranty contact the OEM about repairs. If it is out of warranty, contact an independent industrial electronic repair center to find out if they are a good fit for your company and your particular repair needs. They should offer free evaluations for your damaged equipment and, if needed, a free quote for repairs (no bench fees!). They should also provide repair reports if requested and a good warranty of at least one year that covers both parts and labor.

About the Author: ACS Industrial Services is an independent industrial electronic repair center providing repairs for all types of industrial electronic equipment and most all manufacturers including OMRON repairs, circuit board repairs, I/O unit repairs, PLC repairs, repairs for power supplies, drives, servo motors, CNC equipment, encoders, monitors and touchscreens, test equipment, and much more. RUSH Service is available and a comprehensive 2-Year Warranty covers most repairs. Our knowledgeable and helpful customer service team is available to answer your questions and help solve your industrial electronic repair problems. You can reach them by calling 800-605-6419 or going to