Can This ABB Control be Repaired? What’s Inside a Control Anyway?

Can legacy controllers be repaired? Is it worth the cost? The answer to these questions are, in most cases, YES! Here’s a perfect example of a recent successful repair of a “legacy” control – ABB control p/n PM554-RP-AC repairs. This relatively simple control repair means that our marine management customer now […]

Are Your Servo Controllers Repairable?

Small yes, but oh so important! That’s your servo controller! What are your options if your servo controller stops functioning during machine operation? Are your servo controllers repairable?  Is replacement the answer?  It all depends!

What Have We Done Lately – Mitsubishi Repairs!

In our experience, Mitsubishi industrial electronic products are pretty great products. Even older, legacy Mitsubishi products are usually WELL worth getting Mitsubishi repairs. Many of our ACS customers have legacy Mitsubishi products in their plants and shops. Lately, we’ve had lots of damaged or malfunctioning Mitsubishi industrial electronics in our […]

Tips for Buying Used Industrial Electronics

Buyer beware! Caveat emptor….you’ve heard it many times.  And when buying used industrial electronics (or anything for that matter) be hyper alert for problems.  This 1986 Vickers controller S40 was purchased second hand for use in a sheet metal fabricating shop. As it turned out, the controller did have more […]