Rules For CNC Machine Purchase And Repair

If you are like me, you are always looking for an incredible steal …the sale of the century…AND, you never pay full price for anything!  A major exception to this rule is the purchase of a CNC machine or any component you add to it.  You truly get what you pay […]

Reliability In Industrial Electronic Repairs Is King – Find Out What Else Ranks High

Not surprisingly, reliability ranked the most important criteria in purchasing industrial electronics and industrial electronic repairs according to a recent survey by Plant Engineering & Maintenance.  Reliability was followed, in descending order, by quality, safety, maintenance, service, price, throughput, technology, noise, speed, and “green”.

Save Money, Be Green & Increase Efficiency All in One Fell Swoop

It was just a few months ago that I wrote a blog on how to make a decision whether to repair or replace your industrial electronic equipment.  It’s a question many of you probably face every day.  With the economy just beginning to climb out of the basement, saving money is […]

Baldor’s BE$T Program Now Comes In Cool iTunes App

There are a million and one iPhone apps out there but this one by Baldor Electric Company,  is way cool.  Those smart cookies at Baldor have converted their BE$T desktop program for calculating and comparing motor efficiencies to an Apple iphone app.  By calculating a motor’s annual electricity usage based […]


In a word, it’s all about … automation.  Now that the economy is beginning to recover, most manufacturing companies report that they are planning to invest in more automation.  For more than 30 years we have been using our trusty PLC’s because they are simple and reliable, if a bit quirky.  […]

ACS Industrial’s Website Now Even Easier to Use

We want to make it even easier to work with us so ACS Industrial has made some customer-friendly changes to our website.  “Bread-crumb trails” near the top of the pages will now help you  keep track of the pages you’ve been to and may want to revisit.  Check out our upgraded website at