The Terrible Towels vs. the Cheeseheads: Super Bowl XLV Will be Epic

Super Bowl XLV is only three days away and the excitement is building for what could potentially be an absolutely epic game.

Both teams are well positioned to walk away with the Lombardi trophy and a pile of oversized, gaudy rings on Sunday.   Of one thing you can be certain – it will be a major slugfest between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh St…Ste..Stee… (arrrrrgh, as a Baltimore Ravens fan I cannot possibly bring myself to utter their name but you know who I’m talking about, they of the yellow rags, uh, I mean terrible towels).  Though I will admit, head coach Mike Tomlin is a class act and Troy Palumalu is a great talent and exciting to watch.

Both teams have a venerable Super Bowl history with Pittsburgh having won 7 times and Green Bay 4, so either way, history repeats itself…it’s just a question of which history.

I know Madden has predicted Pittsburgh will win (see, I still can’t say St..Ste…you know) and he is almost always right but Vegas gamblers are choosing the Packers in a big way.

Gentlemen and ladies, I am putting my money on the Green Bay Packers.  Partly because I think Green Bay is hungrier for the victory, and partly because Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is ready to take on Big Ben.  But mostly, it’s because the rivalry is just too deep for a Ravens fan to go any other way.

Go Cheeseheads!!!