A 2010 Camaro vs. a 2003 Elantra

Yesterday afternoon, after fidgeting for an hour in a cracked, plastic chair at the Motor Vehicle Administration, my middle son received his learner’s permit and his Rookie Driver handbook….just thought ya’ll should know about this disturbing fact.  If you are a parent of teenage sons, as I am of three of these buffalo, then you know why it is disturbing.

This is the car he is planning to drive…a 2011 Camaro.  Reality, however, is that a 2003 Hyundai Elantra, previously dented up by his older brother, is what awaits him in the driveway.  But he can dream…and plan for the future.

No matter what the size of your business right now, you probably started out with the proverbial shoe string budget and a lot of dreams and plans.  I sure did back when I was driving the aforementioned Elantra.

Our business is to help you take care of YOUR business by keeping your industrial electronic equipment in excellent working order.  Watching your budget, spending wisely, and knowing your options are keys to growing and maintaining your business.

Free repair evaluations with no obligation and friendly, helpful customer service are two of the commitments we have made to make maintenance easier for you.  Think you might need power supply repairs? CNC repairs?  Drive repairs? Send them in to our expert tech team for a free evaluation, or any other industrial electronic item that needs repair or inspection.

Meanwhile, I’ll be tooling around (trying to remain calm) in the old ’03 Elantra with a skinny 16-year-old at the wheel.  Before I know it, buffalo #3 will be ready to drive whatever is left of the Elantra and he too will be dreaming big.