Brace Yourselves for More Snow While We Keep Repairing Your Electronics!

Brace yourselves!  The Snowpalooza is apparently here.  We in the Mid-Atlantic are shivering in our boots, just not used to all this ice and snow.  Ocean City beaches are just a faint, sandy memory at the moment.

And driving?  If you’re from Chicago or Buffalo, you know Baltimoreans are incapable of driving in winter weather (me excepted of course!).  It’s a sight to behold!  I mean, did you HEAR about all the abandoned cars out there after our last storm?  Yep.  Abandoned…right in the middle of the road.   Now, where did those people go?  I dunno, but we haven’t found any of’em frozen in a snow bank yet!

Whatever the weather this week, here at ACS we will stay busy working on your repairs.  The weather guessers say it won’t be too bad this time around here in Maryland (but you can bet those darn kids will get yet another day off of school to consume every crumb in my house! Locusts, I tell you!)

So, for all of our customers in the path of “Snowmageddon”, hunker down and stay warm, stay put, and make sure your shovels and emergency gear are ready at hand.  Need a laugh?  Here in the Baltimore area, our snow emergency gear consists of milk, bread and toilet paper, and, for the super-prepared, throw in a bag of Ice-Melt and two lawn chairs.  Lawn chairs?  To guard your freshly shoveled parking spot, of course!   Really.  Just ask any Baltimore convenience store owner what happens when the forecasters call for even a dusting of snow.

You may be experiencing the blizzard of the century where you are but if we already have your item in for repair, you will still be getting industrial electronic repair services from ACS.  Servo drive repairs, power supply repairs, encoder repairs, circuit board repairs…it’s all still a go here!  We will do our best to work with you on any shipping challenges that might result from the storm in your area.

Tell us your snow stories when you dig out of your igloo. We’ll be here!