Cool New Musical Invention – Check It Out Now

See the Harpejji in action on Oscar Night February 2th 2011

If you were thinking of just maaaybe watching the Academy Awards (or maybe your wife/girlfriend/room mate, etc.) is making you watch) on Sunday night, here’s another reason to watch, at least between 8:00 and 9:00 pm…the awesome new Harpejji (see pic) will be featured when A.R. Rahman and Florence Welch of “Florence and the Machine” perform the Oscar-nominated song “If I Rise” from the movie “127 hours”! 127 Hours is up for Best Picture.

The Harpejji is the combination of an electric guitar and a piano and is played by tapping the strings.  As musicians become aware of this new instrument, popularity is growing!  Musicians like A.R. Rahman (also famous for “Slumdog Millionaire”), Coldplay, and Dream Theater use harpejjis.

This is a big deal for Tim Meeks, the inventor and founder of Marcodi Musical  Products; John Meyer  (my little brother) who has been involved in the development of the Harpejji (and actually builds these instruments); and Jason Melani who works hard marketing. 

So be on the musical cutting edge and watch on Oscar Night, Sunday, February 27th!  And, if you know someone who might be interested please pass along the information.  

You can watch the harpejji right now at or go to YouTube for more.