Servo Drive Improvement and Repair Options

Variable frequency drives for motor driven systems is pretty much a no-brainer what with the energy savings and process improvements.  If you are looking for some beneficial reasons to invest in a VFD take a look at this post I wrote awhile back  If you want to know the […]

Can Today’s M9 Solar Flare Damage Your Industrial Electronics?

Solar flares can cause damage to electronics as they did in 1989 but be reassured that both you and your electronic equipment are in no danger from this large and spectacular solar flare.  It is big, but not that big. Those of you that live in higher latitudes may be […]

Electronic Repairs Faster and Better

Personally, I have never made a New Year’s resolution, at least not in January.   Business-wise, however, that is another story. The turn of the New Year is a very good time to take stock of your business from all angles, not just from the IRS angle. It’s a good time […]

Tips for Servo Motor Repair and Troubleshooting

Awhile back, in the best interests of your valuable servo motors, I wrote “Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Motor Up and Running”.   Hopefully, since then your equipment has been humming along in perfect working order. But maybe things haven’t gone so well and maybe you didn’t keep that motor up […]

2010 Automation Salary Survey Results are Finally In!

At last, has released the results of its annual salary survey and this year they collaborated with InTech.  I anxiously await the results of this survey each year because it paints a unique picture of what’s going on in the engineering and manufacturing world. In a nutshell, job satisfaction […]