How to Change Your Processes to Meet the EPAs NESHAP Rule 6X

Industrial Electronic Repair Services

The EPAs NESHAP Rule 6X went into effect in July 2011.  Did you miss the announcement of this rule?  If so, according to The reports you are not alone.

The rule applies to companies that are primarily engaged (that is 50 percent or more of their total labor) in one or more of the following categories: electrical and electronic equipment finishing, fabricated metal products, fabricated plate work (boiler shops), fabricated structural metal manufacturing, heating equipment (except electric), industrial machinery and equipment finishing, iron and steel forging, primary metal products manufacturing, and valve and pipe fittings.  That describes quite a lot of our customers!

Operations that are impacted by this new rule include:  dry abrasive blasting (3 types), dry grinding, dry polishing with machines, dry machining, spray painting (2 types), and welding.

Excluded from this new rule are:  military installations; NASA facilities; national nuclear security facilities; military munitions facilities; some research or laboratories (defined by the Clean Air Act); tool, quality control, and equipment repair facilities; and welding facilities that use less than 2,000 lbs of rod or wire that does not contain any identified HAPs.

Why did the EPA establish this new rule?  To prevent cancer, birth defects, and other health effects caused by exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants as defined by the EPA in 2008.  Just some of these materials are those that contain 0.1 percent by weight of cadmium, chromium, lead or nickel; or 1.0 percent by weight of manganese.

What should you do if you fall into the categories above?

  1. Notify the EPA
  2. Change your processes to eliminate the HAP (dust and fume collectors with high-efficiency cartridge filtration is considered acceptable)
  3. Conduct a Method 22 emissions test (See website for how to do this)
  4. Retest to confirm

If you want more information on this important subject, here’s a FAQ that can answer a lot of your questions:

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