Can Today’s M9 Solar Flare Damage Your Industrial Electronics?

solar flare

Solar flares can cause damage to electronics as they did in 1989 but be reassured that both you and your electronic equipment are in no danger from this large and spectacular solar flare.  It is big, but not that big.

Those of you that live in higher latitudes may be lucky enough to see an extraordinary display of aurorae (aka Northern Lights).  Those of us in lower latitudes will just have to make do with photos of this beautiful phenomenon.

The potential for damage could change over the next few years, however, as our sun is entering into a more active phase.  Larger solar storms induce huge currents in power lines overloading the grid which is precisely what happened in Quebec back in 1989.

That said, your electronic equipment is far more likely to be damaged from many other mundane causes here on earth.  The electronic axis of evil – heat, moisture, and dirt are always busy causing mayhem and literally gunking up the works.

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Thanks go to Phil Plait, Ph.D. of for explaining this flare phenomenon and where you can learn tons of cool stuff about our universe.