Servo Drive Improvement and Repair Options

Expert Fuji Drive Repairs

Variable frequency drives for motor driven systems is pretty much a no-brainer what with the energy savings and process improvements.  If you are looking for some beneficial reasons to invest in a VFD take a look at this post I wrote awhile back  If you want to know the story about this bad-a@# drive read on.

Like anything else in your plant, drives can break down like the pictured Fuji drive .  This drive comes out of a facility making turned parts and they are busy…well, they were busy.   This drive has had a number of failures and alarms over the past year and eventually overheated, stalled the machine and melted the drill in the work piece. And as a final insult, when in constant surface speed the drive alarms out under voltage when the spindle accelerates hard.

However tempting, this customer did not drop kick the defective unit to the moon and instead sent it half way around the world to our expert drive repair team.  After evaluating the unit, replacing numerous parts, cleaning and testing, this bad boy is nearly ready to be carefully packed and shipped back to work.

Is your drive giving you a headache?  Get in touch with our expert drive repair team at drive repairs.  Maybe it’s your servo motor giving your drive the headache.  In that case, our servo motor repairs team is at your disposal.