Can My Medical Power Supply Unit be Repaired?

As medical technology advances, so does the need for reliable and efficient medical power supply units. However, like all electronic devices, these power supplies are susceptible to damage and failure over time.  Medical power supply units are critical components in medical devices and equipment. They convert the input voltage into […]

Can Your Power Supply Be Repaired?

A power supply is like an unsung hero in computing. You don’t pay much attention to it until it fails you. Without a spare, power supply failure means halting operations until it’s replaced or repaired.

Got Bad Capacitors? Here’s What to Do!

FIVE bad capacitors are what got a Condor power supply grounded! Output voltage reduced to zero! Our customer had fallen victim to one of the most failure-prone components in a power supply: the electrolytic capacitor. Staying informed on the facts about  bad capacitors is IMPORTANT to protecting your power supply […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Industrial Electronics from Lightning Damage

Is it possible to protect your industrial electronics from lightning damage?  Often!  Is the lightning damage to electronics repairable?  Sometimes. Some “shocking” facts first: A lightning strike lasts about 1-2 microseconds…not even time to blink an eye and yet long enough to cause destruction of life and property.  Storms this spring […]

How to Get Lambda V404P4K Power Supply Repairs

Won’t power up! Erratic vacuum readback! Load issue/no output under load. No output. Intermittently trips instrumentation. Power Supply DEAD! Bad news, right? “DEAD” in this case is not always dead, of course. As it turns out, all of these Lambda v404P4K power supply repairs HAD failed, but were not “dead” […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Circuit Boards and Avoid Circuit Board Repairs

As you probably know by now, printed circuit boards don’t last forever.  Not even the expensive ones inside your industrial equipment.   But did you know that you can extend the life of your circuit boards? And, potentially put off the need for circuit board repairs a little longer?

What To Do When Your Display Unit Won’t Power Up

WON’T POWER UP 🙁 Ugh! Have you had this happen to your formerly reliable display equipment? It’s a frustrating, but not uncommon problem. From metalworkers to fabricators to scientists – work can come to a sudden stop when your display unit won’t power up.

Can My Industrial Power Supply be Repaired?

Many power supplies can be repaired! That’s the good news! So, what’s the bad news then? The bad news is that your power supply might not be WORTH repairing.

What Have We Done Lately – Mitsubishi Repairs!

In our experience, Mitsubishi industrial electronic products are pretty great products. Even older, legacy Mitsubishi products are usually WELL worth getting Mitsubishi repairs. Many of our ACS customers have legacy Mitsubishi products in their plants and shops. Lately, we’ve had lots of damaged or malfunctioning Mitsubishi industrial electronics in our […]

The Show Must Go On! What To Do About Damaged Power Supplies

The show must go on! Power surges, lightning strikes, and just sheer component aging are all problems our broadcaster customers deal with often – especially with their damaged power supplies. Keeping good backups around is key to making sure the show DOES go on! Good surge protection can also help […]