Can Your Power Supply Be Repaired?

Power supply repair

A power supply is like an unsung hero in computing. You don’t pay much attention to it until it fails you. Without a spare, power supply failure means halting operations until it’s replaced or repaired.

Can Your Power Supply Be Repaired?

The short answer is yes. However, it’s not always straightforward. Whether your power supply can be repaired or not depends on several factors, as described below:


The price factor is two-fold. First, you need to consider the original purchasing price against the repair cost. In some cases, it’s best to replace it altogether, especially when the power supply costs less than $250 at purchase.

Secondly, even when the power supply costs considerably more, sometimes it makes more sense to purchase a new one if the purchase cost is lower or close to the repair cost.


Availability is two-fold as well. Some power supplies were produced by companies that had long ceased production. In such cases, finding component spare parts in the market is usually challenging, leaving you only one option; to purchase a new one.

On the flipside, especially with legacy machines and highly specialized units, it is difficult to find new or renewed complete units, which will inevitably force you to repair your unit.

Sustained Damage

All conditions could be right – the price point is sensible for a repair, and parts are available. However, your unit might be too far gone for repair. Water damage is often catastrophic, and in most cases, it necessitates replacement. So is fire damage!

Common Power Supply Issues

Besides damage sustained in accidents and calamities, as with any other manufactured good, something will inevitably break over time.

Input voltage issues

Input voltage issues are common with power supply units, especially universal power supplies. Universal power supplies can provide 120V and 240V. By flicking an internal switch, you can switch from either depending on the load requirements.

Failure to do so, or if the switch breaks, could mean overpowering or underpowering your machine. Input voltage issues also arise from damaged voltage regulators, often resulting from electromagnetic disturbances such as lightning or coming to contact with a charged object.


Power supply units can overheat due to dust accumulation in or on the PSU. Power supply units that don’t have a fan inherently depend on heat dissipation through conduction. Being a poorer heat conductor, dust could hinder this process, resulting in unnecessary heat retention.

A power supply unit can also overheat if it is underpowered. In such a situation, the load demands more power than the PSU can deliver, thus staining it.

Get Your Power Supply Unit Repaired at ACS Electronic Repairs

Power supplies usually have a transformer unit to step down or up the voltage. Transformers produce a tremendously high voltage which can be dangerous. As such, it is recommended that you do not attempt to repair your power supply by yourself. Well, unless you’re a qualified technician.

Our technicians at ACS Electronic Repairs are familiar with most power supply manufacturers, including Tectrol and Kingshill. With our Rush Repair Service, you can get your power supply unit back in as few as 3-5 days.

For more information on power supply repairs, contact us today using our contact form or call us directly at 800-605-6419.