How Industrial Electronic Repair Saves You Money and Helps the Environment

How Industrial Electronic Repair Saves You Money and Helps the Environment

Industrial electronics are not built to last forever. At one point, the equipment may get damaged enough to cease production or, worst-case scenario, be destroyed by a disaster. When such an unfortunate occurrence happens, you will likely wonder how you can get back to full production as soon as possible. […]

What are the Most Common Issues with Hobart Champion 10000 Circuit Boards 

5 Facts You May Not Know About Circuit Boards

Circuit boards have been in existence for more than a century, and as technology has progressed, they have played a major role in virtually every industry. But what are they and what job do they perform? A circuit board’s main function is to connect all of the electronic components in […]

Your Failure Analysis Program

If you’re an owner, operator, or manager in an industrial setting, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. You have to rely on your personnel and team to make sure machinery and operating systems are being closely monitored – and updated.

Inverter Drive System Repair

The role of an inverter drive system is to handle energy coming from the main power source. When the power arrives at the inverter, the first step is to convert it from AC to DC power, which occurs in the rectifier. 

Are Industrial Automation and Robotics the Same Thing?

Well, yes and no! When we use “automation” and “robotics” in the same sentence, we are usually talking about industrial automation. That is – controlling the physical processes of manufacturing with non-human machinery.

How to Extend the Life of Your Circuit Boards and Avoid Circuit Board Repairs

As you probably know by now, printed circuit boards don’t last forever.  Not even the expensive ones inside your industrial equipment.   But did you know that you can extend the life of your circuit boards? And, potentially put off the need for circuit board repairs a little longer?

Troubleshooting and Repairs For Your Teknic SST-1500-561 Servo Drive

Small but mighty, servo drives are critical players on the industrial playing field. These drives are common in CNC machining, factory automation, and robotics . The Teknic SST-1500-561 servo drive is a frequent flyer – meaning there are a lot of them out there working hard (see photo). If your […]

6 Top Tips to Extend the Life of Your Power Supply

Power supplies – they are ever present for most of us, both at work and at home.  They come in all sizes and levels of quality and for myriad purposes.   Even so, they have some things in common – their universal dislike of moisture, heat, and dirt – which I like […]

Power Supply Repairs for TV Stations

Hey, so what’s going on in all those television stations around the country?  For some reason we have been seeing a huge increase in damaged power supplies sent in for repairs from television stations.  Maybe things are getting a little rough out there in TV land?