Encoders…The Weakest Link

Talk about out of proportion!   It struck me today as ironic that an entire manufacturing plant’s production can literally be held hostage by the failure of one relatively inexpensive part:  an encoder. When motion control is important to your production, then your encoder is a key component… and yet, often […]

Siemen Announces New and Better Spindle Motors for CNC Users

New gadgets are always cool and fun and I love letting you know about new stuff.  If you are looking for more dynamic responsiveness, smoother operation, and lower vibration levels, then Siemens may have just the new spindle motor for your applications. The family of Siemens 1PH8 high performance induction […]

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Shipping Disasters

Picture this:  A cardboard box containing the large Yaskawa circuit board repairs arrives on my loading dock just as expected.  Unexpectedly, the box, marked “Fragile”, has a hole in one side, a corner is crushed and it rattles ominously.  Shipping disasters can be avoided, even with overly aggressive delivery services. […]

What did you say?! This Commercial Just Got Really Loud and I Couldn’t Hear You

Whilst scanning various electronic news sources today there was the usual malicious mayhem and predictable political posturing when…wait a minute…what should behold my wondering eyes but  “The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation act”?   Is this a Jerry Seinfeld joke?  No, it’s truth! Seems Congress has voted, unanimously I might add, to […]

Buying Gold?

Got gold?  Seems like everyone from entertainer or enlightener Glenn Beck (you choose which)  to hedge fund legends George Soros and John Paulson have been touting buying gold these days.  Maybe investing in gold is right for you, or maybe not, but either way I’ve got a pot of gold for you!  That […]