What did you say?! This Commercial Just Got Really Loud and I Couldn’t Hear You

Whilst scanning various electronic news sources today there was the usual malicious mayhem and predictable political posturing when…wait a minute…what should behold my wondering eyes but  “The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation act”?   Is this a Jerry Seinfeld joke?  No, it’s truth!

Seems Congress has voted, unanimously I might add, to require advertisers to reduce the volume of television commercials within one year.  Loud commercials bring bipartisanship? I’m not sure whether to howl with joy or be dismayed…don’t they have bigger things to worry about?  Can anyone say jobs?

Industrial Electronics Can Be Repaired and Save You Money

Whatever congress does, or does not do this year, ACS Industrial Services will be a constant.  For every two steps forward the economy takes, it seems it takes one backward.  This makes caring for and repairing your existing plant assets more important than ever.

Keep up with the maintenance and remember services like circuit board repairs, power supply repairs, and drive repairs usually cost less than purchasing new and are well worth the effort.

PS:  By the way, if, like us, you are a proud electronics geek then this wreath is the ultimate in Christmas décor for you.  Check it out at  http://www.boingboing.net/2010/12/06/geeky-wreath.html