Siemen Announces New and Better Spindle Motors for CNC Users

Check Out Siemens New High Performance Spindle Motors or Get Repairs

New gadgets are always cool and fun and I love letting you know about new stuff.  If you are looking for more dynamic responsiveness, smoother operation, and lower vibration levels, then Siemens may have just the new spindle motor for your applications.

The family of Siemens 1PH8 high performance induction motor drives and servo motors are now available in a wide power range from 2.8kW to 1340kW.  With a combination of induction and high-powered servo technologies they give a much greater degree of efficiency and precision.

Although designed specifically for the requirements of a main spindle on a CNC-equipped machine tool, these new induction motors have tons of other applications for heavy-duty markets such as crane and hoist elevation; extruders and injection modeling machines; metal-forming and welding machinery; assembly line robotic articulation; printing presses; materials handling gantries; rolls and web handling on packing machinery; and much more.

Happily, the 1PH8 motor spindle line is fully compatible with the Siemens Sinamics S120 drives platform and feature the Drive-Cliq serial interface and electronic nameplate recognition for simple plug and play start up.

Even better news for those who have earlier families of Siemens motor designs, these can be easily upgraded to the new 1PH8 series.

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