Buying Gold?

Got gold?  Seems like everyone from entertainer or enlightener Glenn Beck (you choose which)  to hedge fund legends George Soros and John Paulson have been touting buying gold these days. 

Maybe investing in gold is right for you, or maybe not, but either way I’ve got a pot of gold for you!  That will be the money you save repairing your industrial electronics versus trashing them and buying new.   This month you can save even more at ACS when you get your industrial electronics repaired.  

For the entire month of December 2010 we are offering a 15% discount on ALL repairs, that’s right, all of them, from encoder repairs to servo motor repairs to circuit board repairs and everything in between. 

In our experience, repairs for most industrial electronics run about 25-50%  of the cost of buying new. Just knowing this can help you decide whether to choose repairs over new.  

Just mention this blog article when you speak to one of our customer service team members or print it out and attach it to your Free Evaluation/RMA form to include with your item when you ship to us.  Now that was easy, wasn’t it? 

Back to ruminating on gold…I wonder if  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has bought any gold recently…I’m thinking he’s gonna need a lot!