How Industrial Electronic Repair Saves You Money and Helps the Environment

How Industrial Electronic Repair Saves You Money and Helps the Environment

Industrial electronics are not built to last forever. At one point, the equipment may get damaged enough to cease production or, worst-case scenario, be destroyed by a disaster. When such an unfortunate occurrence happens, you will likely wonder how you can get back to full production as soon as possible. […]

Your Failure Analysis Program

If you’re an owner, operator, or manager in an industrial setting, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. You have to rely on your personnel and team to make sure machinery and operating systems are being closely monitored – and updated.

man works on equipment repair to save money

How Industrial Equipment Repair Saves Your Business Money

Many business owners know that as soon as a needed piece of equipment goes down, it can affect the whole company. If a required tool is no longer working, the employee cannot do their job, which sets a project back, affecting profitability. 

6 Top Tips to Extend the Life of Your Power Supply

Power supplies – they are ever present for most of us, both at work and at home.  They come in all sizes and levels of quality and for myriad purposes.   Even so, they have some things in common – their universal dislike of moisture, heat, and dirt – which I like […]

Tips for Buying Used Industrial Electronics

Buyer beware! Caveat emptor….you’ve heard it many times.  And when buying used industrial electronics (or anything for that matter) be hyper alert for problems.  This 1986 Vickers controller S40 was purchased second hand for use in a sheet metal fabricating shop. As it turned out, the controller did have more […]

Power Supply Repairs for TV Stations

Hey, so what’s going on in all those television stations around the country?  For some reason we have been seeing a huge increase in damaged power supplies sent in for repairs from television stations.  Maybe things are getting a little rough out there in TV land?

Simplified On-line Repair Form Makes Getting Electronic Repairs Easy

Have you tried our new, simplified on-line repair form yet?  It’s been live for a few weeks and WOW is all we can say!  Wish we’d done it sooner. The process is working great and our customer surveys are producing comments like this: “Easy as pie. Nothing more needed.” “I […]