The Future of Control Board Repair: Trends and Innovations in Electronic Restoration

The Future of Control Board Repair: Trends and Innovations in Electronic Restoration

Control board repair is a specialized field dealing with the restoration of electronic components crucial for the functioning of various devices. In the contemporary technological landscape, the significance of electronic restoration cannot be overstated. Control board repair helps to ensure that devices stay operational for longer, which reduces overhead for […]

Savings and Reliability: The Importance of IO Card Repair in Industrial Maintenance

When to Consider Professional I/O Card Repair Services: Signs and Benefits

In the current digital world, the Input/Output (I/O) card is part of our day-to-day operations. These components are found in almost every electronic device, from PCs and laptops to sophisticated industrial machinery. The I/O cards are essential for sending and receiving data to and from various hardware devices.

Solving High Voltage Power Supply Failure Problems

Solving High Voltage Power Supply Failure Problems

High Voltage power supplies have several benefits and work effectively for industrial applications. However, there can be drawbacks to HV power supplies. For instance, electronic components can fail due to high voltages, which results in overheating. The damage can be irreversible as it adds up over time. Once the electronic […]

Industrial Electronics Basics: What Makes a Great Electronic Repair Technician?

Sometimes, keeping your business up and running is a matter of having the right technician to ensure your repair process is seamless and efficient. A repair technician will have a particular set of tasks, such as troubleshooting, repairing, testing, and maintaining equipment to keep it from breaking down. However, to […]

Circuit Board

Industrial Electronics Basics: What Does a Circuit Board Do?

Circuit boards are the heart of the electronics industry. You may have found one in one of your electronic devices. While most people use electronics daily, they don’t consider or understand the technology behind them. Here is an overview of what a circuit board does to give you a better […]

Industrial Electronics Basics: What Does An Encoder do?

If you run any industrial application that uses motion control or motion feedback, you should know that an encoder is crucial to your production. These nifty units play a vital role in production finding applications for a myriad of industrial devices, including: Often, these devices need to operate quickly and […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Circuit Boards and Avoid Circuit Board Repairs

As you probably know by now, printed circuit boards don’t last forever.  Not even the expensive ones inside your industrial equipment.   But did you know that you can extend the life of your circuit boards? And, potentially put off the need for circuit board repairs a little longer?

Why Get Industrial Electronics Repaired

Watching the television series “Revolution” the other night got me thinking about electronics (as if I’m ever NOT thinking about electronics!) and the way things have changed dramatically in just a few short years.  Awhile back, many of our customers were throwing away many damaged industrial electronics – somehow it just […]

Winning Solution For “Jerry-Rigged” Circuit Boards

Sometimes we receive some pretty mysterious repair jobs on the old loading dock.  Recently we received three printed circuit boards that were so, so, well, so “jerry-rigged” that we were wondering how they ever worked in the first place what with the point to point hand wiring, jumpers, and patches […]