Everything You Need to Know About Fadal CNC Repair

Everything You Need to Know About Fadal CNC Repair

Industrial processing experts have relied on Fadal CNC machines for years since 1953 for manufacturing parts for various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and tooling. These machines are usually reasonably priced, easy to use, and have a 2-year warranty. However, like any other machine, Fadal Computerized Numerical Control machines eventually break […]

Circuit board basics

Birth of a Circuit Board

ACS Industrial has repaired thousands of circuit boards. But have you ever wondered how and why circuit boards are made? No matter how large or small, complex or simple, the basics of circuit board development are similar.

Top Four Reasons For Circuit Board Failure – What’s Up With Yours?

Circuit boards are the heart of the technologies we use every day. Cellphones, TVs, vehicles, streetlights, and a plethora of other items rely on circuit boards, which is why a failure may be highly disruptive. Circuit boards fail for a variety of reasons, and they are linked to common factors such as moisture, heat, and dirt. 

How to Identify and Prevent Overheating Damage to Circuit Boards

Circuit boards experience a great deal of wear and tear, and their performance and functionality deteriorate over time. That is why it is important to protect your electronic devices from factors such as weather, humidity, and dust as they ultimately affect the condition of a circuit board. Besides the preventive care, carrying out regular maintenance can extend the life of a circuit board, putting off the need for repairs for a little longer.

Can Your Water Damaged Circuit Boards Be Repaired?

Circuit boards are not designed to operate in humid conditions – but what happens when your circuit board is exposed to moisture? Is it possible to repair it? The sad but simple answer to this question is some water damaged circuit boards can be repaired some of the time. Once exposed to water, damage to your electronics begins within seconds – and the longer the exposure the worse the damage. Technically, it’s not really the water itself that is the real problem – but more on that later.

circuit board

5 Facts You May Not Know About Circuit Boards

Circuit boards have been in existence for more than a century, and as technology has progressed, they have played a major role in virtually every industry. But what are they and what job do they perform? A circuit board’s main function is to connect all of the electronic components in […]

Are Industrial Automation and Robotics the Same Thing?

Well, yes and no! When we use “automation” and “robotics” in the same sentence, we are usually talking about industrial automation. That is – controlling the physical processes of manufacturing with non-human machinery.

Can Your Legacy Pacific Scientific Servo Equipment be Repaired?

In a word: Yes! Legacy Pacific Scientific servo equipment CAN typically be repaired! There’s a ton of really good Pacific Scientific servo equipment still out there in manufacturing plants being used every single day. You might also be wondering what ever happened to this excellent brand. Don’t worry! The story […]

Real Life Stories: Sanyo Denki Drive Unit Down! Please Rush!

“Please rush this as fast as possible! We are down!” We get it! We don’t like downtime either! It’s costly! Time to jump into action! Let’s get this Sanyo Denki Drive CFZ0A100DR4601 with error codes back to working order.