How to Handle Water-Damaged Industrial Electronics

It’s no secret that industrial electronics and water do not mix. So what happens when one of your industrial electronics suffers water damage in your facility? Keep reading for a few helpful tips about what to do when your electronic device suffers water damage.

How Supply Chain Issues Affect Electronic Repairs

It’s no secret that many are experiencing supply chain issues. This global conundrum has wreaked havoc on many industries, especially before the busy holiday season where organizations rely on the efficiency of the supply chain. Before COVID-19, the electronics industry was a reliable source for efficient and stable deliveries. Now, […]

The Benefits of Lab Equipment Repair Services

When you own and operate a lab, the performance of  your equipment is vital. Not only does it need to be correctly calibrated and functioning, it also needs to be reliable. You can’t have precious equipment breakdown or malfunction at the wrong time – or any time.

5 Tips for Keeping Up with Electronics Maintenance

Properly maintaining your company’s electronics helps to ensure that the job gets done correctly and efficiently, all while getting your money’s worth.  There are several practices your company can use to make sure your business’s industrial electronics stay up to date, up to code, and working efficiently.

Okuma Spindle Drive Mysteriously Stops Working

Did you ever think something as simple as a fan could hold up the completion of a huge order? No one at this major U.S. aviation manufacturer saw this coming as work on the order had been humming along smoothly. Until it wasn’t.

Four Easy Ways To Keep Your Motor Up and Running

Did you know that more than 70% of  the U.S.  industrial electricity consumption involves motor-driven systems used mostly for pumps, fans, blower systems, and air compression?  That’s a lot of motors and a lot of motor repair needs. You can avoid motor problems by implementing these simple strategies:

Varian Circuit Board Repair

Every week…no, no, make that every DAY we get interesting items in for repair.  They are causing trouble for the various industrial plants, offices, or wherever they came out of.  This week’s Troublemaker:  a Varian circuit board 03-930210-01.  The defective board (pictured) comes out of a Varian Saturn 2000 MS […]