Four Easy Ways To Keep Your Motor Up and Running

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Did you know that more than 70% of  the U.S.  industrial electricity consumption involves motor-driven systems used mostly for pumps, fans, blower systems, and air compression?  That’s a lot of motors and a lot of motor repair needs.

You can avoid motor problems by implementing these simple strategies:

  1. Buy the right motor for your application.  Make sure your motor(s) can handle 3.1 times the line voltage at a 0.1 microsecond rise time.  This is not the time to be a penny pincher.
  2. Define your parameters .  This avoids overheating in constant-torque applications. At too low a speed, a TEFC motor will overheat.
  3. Use insulated bearings or shaft ground bushings.  If the VFD is run often at a single speed, arcing through the bearings in the same place can deteriorate them.
  4. Minimize the distance from the drive to the motor.

And of course,as I always say, avoid the industrial axis of evil:  Heat, Dirt, and Moisture.  You can think of this trio of evil as The Joker, The Penguin, and The Ridler causing mayhem in your shop.

Batman would not allow heat, dirt, or moisture to enter the bat cave and neither should you!  If he did, he would need servo motor repair and we would be most happy to provide the industrial electronics repair services necessary.