How to Handle Water-Damaged Industrial Electronics

Water-Damaged Industrial Electronics

It’s no secret that industrial electronics and water do not mix. So what happens when one of your industrial electronics suffers water damage in your facility? Keep reading for a few helpful tips about what to do when your electronic device suffers water damage.

Why water damages industrial electronics

Before we get into what to do when your industrial electronic device experiences water damage, let’s first examine how water affects the device overall. It may surprise you to learn that water itself is not generally harmful to an industrial electronic device. It’s actually the impurities within the water that cause damage. There are impurities and ions within water that we cannot see and when they form a link, they can connect two contact points within a device.

When this connection happens, it can alter where the electricity should go, which will cause the industrial electronic device to short circuit. A short circuit is when an electric current flows down the wrong path with little electrical resistance. Short circuits can cause serious damage, such as fires, small-scale explosions, or worse. Short circuits are actually the leading cause of structural fires around the globe.

Water Damage Long Term Effects

Now that you understand how serious water damage can be to your industrial electronics, it’s important to realize the other long-term effects that water cause to your industrial electronics.

  • Corrosion: If your industrial electronics do not suffer from a short circuit, they could become damaged over time from corrosion. Corrosion happens when water damages a device, then oxidation happens. When oxygen bonds with metal, it produces rust and can cause the metal to flake off and lose its valuable properties. Corrosion often takes time to notice but can cause serious damage to your industrial electronics. 

  • Condensation: When your industrial electronics are exposed to water, then issues with condensation can also become a big problem. Condensation is the process of water changing from a vapor back into a liquid. When water vapor in the air touches an electrical component, condensation will begin. This can lead to damage like short circuits, corrosion, shock risk, and more. 

If your industrial electronics suffered from water damage or water exposure, be sure to get it looked at right away to prevent long-term or irreversible damage. Remember to be careful when handling water-damaged industrial electronics, as there are risks associated with it.

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