Drive Repair for the Professionals

Regardless of the machinery or application, a drive functions as one of the main parts of the entire system. Keeping a drive operational and working properly requires routine maintenance and attention. When a drive begins to malfunction, there are a variety of factors which can be at work. The main […]

Case Study: Preventing Unnecessary Repeat Repair Costs

Have you ever had to repair your electronic equipment twice?  Or more times even?  For the same, exact problem?  Maybe, for example, an expensive drive repair?  This unfortunate situation does happen with some regularity and it can usually be prevented by taking some simple, no cost/low cost steps.

Servo Drive Improvement and Repair Options

Variable frequency drives for motor driven systems is pretty much a no-brainer what with the energy savings and process improvements.  If you are looking for some beneficial reasons to invest in a VFD take a look at this post I wrote awhile back  If you want to know the […]

Get Service for Hurricane Damaged Industrial Electronics

Hurricane Irene has been no friend to the East Coast …and certainly no friend to your industrial electronics.  Some good news…our facilities are up and running at ACS.  Even though some of our staff’s homes still do not have power, everyone is pulling to keep ACS busy solving your repair […]