Drive Repair for the Professionals

Regardless of the machinery or application, a drive functions as one of the main parts of the entire system. Keeping a drive operational and working properly requires routine maintenance and attention.

When a drive begins to malfunction, there are a variety of factors which can be at work. The main electrical source might be delivering improper voltage.  External problems such as an aging motor or a physical issue with the machine that can contribute to decreased performance and lead to drive failure.

Other sources include intense vibrations, accumulated contaminants, and excessive heat. Regardless of what’s causing the problem, failed drives cut down your productivity and profit. 

ACS Industrial Services Electronic Repair can evaluate your drive and provide an accurate quote so you can consider having it repaired versus the more expensive replacement of the drive.

Drives We Service

Since 1999, ACS has been able to meet even the toughest repair challenges, with over 70,000 repairs completed since we opened our doors. 

Spindle Drives

Spindle drives can be the hardest working drive on your machine. A spindle drive is responsible for rotating the tool or the part that is being produced. In this regard, it is performing its duty more often that the axis Servo Drives.

Servo Drives

Servo Drives, or Axis Drives, are responsible for moving the machine to the proper positions necessary for the machine to accomplish its mission.  The servo drive receives feedback and control signals to determine the proper output to the motor relating to speed, torque and distance.

Variable Frequency Drives

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is designed to vary the Speed of an AC Motor by varying the frequency and voltage to the Motor.  It is the workhorse in Compressor and Pump systems. Generally, they are used to power 3 Phase Induction Motors, but they have other applications, as well.  They come configured in either AC-AC (Input-Output) or DC-AC (Input-Output).

DC Drives

The DC drive you use is there to supply voltage to the motor so it can operate at a desired speed. When the drive output varies, the motor speed varies proportionately.  Usually, a DC Drive converts AC Voltage into DC Voltage to run the motor.  

Drive Repair

Our expert technicians know what problems to look for no matter what type of Drive you need to have running again.

We test the critical areas of each drive regardless of the design or application.

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  • Repair can often save as much as 80% of the cost of buying a new piece of equipment.
  • Most repairs are back in your hands in 7-15 days after approval.
  • Our Rush Repair Service ships in just 2-5 days after approval.
  • We Guarantee Our Repairs With A Full Two-Year Warranty.

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