Case Study: Preventing Unnecessary Repeat Repair Costs

Have you ever had to repair your electronic equipment twice?  Or more times even?  For the same, exact problem?  Maybe, for example, an expensive drive repair?  This unfortunate situation does happen with some regularity and it can usually be prevented by taking some simple, no cost/low cost steps.

Here’s a very recent case study in which this scenario was completely averted.  A Fanuc drive arrived on our loading dock needing repair.  Enclosed with the unit were notes about the errors it was showing.  Notes are great!

The repair was completed and shipped back like clockwork, but here’s the big difference.  The customer wanted to know some possible causes for this particular failure.  There are many of course, but here are a few we provided them to help isolate the problem:

Possible Drive Failure Causes

1. Open fuse.

2. Defective main power contactor.

3. Open or loose connections in wiring.

4. Defective step down transformer if one is used in this application.

A little time spent investigating the root cause of the failure before reinstalling a repaired unit can save you a big headache and a chunk of change.

Is this rocket science?  Heck no.  A big surprise?  Of course not.  But the prevention approach does bear repeating because it is too often overlooked.  Save yourself the headache and the extra money by checking out the integrity of the machine your damaged unit came out of before reinstalling the repaired unit.  Simple.  Worth it.  No extra money spent on repeat drive repairs this time!

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