Knowledge is Power: How to Identify Overheating Damage to Your Circuit Boards

Heat, moisture and dirt are the mortal enemies of circuit boards! That means nearly ALL circuit boards eventually need repairs. Useful knowledge about preventive care and maintenance can extend the life of your circuit boards. It can also put off the need for repairs a little longer. This is especially important for those […]

Knowledge is Power: Cold Soldering Connections are a Hot Mess!

What are cold soldering connections and why should you care? You should care because a cold solder connection is bad soldering! And bad soldering often results in a bad connection. Bad or loose connections will often cause your industrial electronic equipment to fail – a hot mess! Who needs that?!

Repair Solutions From the Plant Floor: Allen Bradley Servo Drive Blows Up!

REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR: KABOOM! Rarely a good sound on the plant floor! What happened to this Allen Bradley Powerflex servo drive p/n 20AD065A0AYNANC0 to give our food industry plant customer a headache – literally!? Excessive current is the typical cause for damage like this to fuses in a […]

PLC Repairs and Troubleshooting Tips

Is your PLC behaving erratically? Suddenly just “lose” its program? Or maybe it faulted and now the red light is on and you can’t get your error codes to clear?  Does this mean you will be spending your maintenance budget on unplanned PLC repairs? The short answer is:  maybe. These are actually common […]