Breaking News! ACS Industrial Announces Two Year Warranties!

ACS Industrial has two year warrntyWe’ve just upped our rock solid warranty from one year to two!  And, the new two-year warranty STILL covers both parts and labor as it always has.  No fine print.   We stand behind our expert workmanship!

When your equipment breaks down after the OEM warranty is up, you might feel a bit abandoned by your OEM.  They would rather sell you an expensive new piece of equipment.

But chances are good that your equipment still has a lot of life left in it, and with ACS Industrial Services you’ve got options.  Repair makes good sense that saves you money and improves your bottom line.  Two year warranties just make it even better.

We will repair your item including preventively replacing aging or failure-prone components.  We take this step to make sure your unit is successfully repaired and ready to go back under load.  Then we provide you with a two year warranty on the entire unit repaired.

Our new warranty takes effect Wednesday May 1, 2013.  Repairs completed after May 1 are covered with the new two year warranty unless otherwise stated.

Send your damaged industrial electronics to ACS today for a free evaluation and quote for repairs.  Then enjoy putting your repaired item back into production and relax knowing you’ve got a two year warranty

ACS Industrial repairs damaged circuit boards, power supplies, monitors & touch screens, PLCs, servo motors, drives, encoders, CNC equipment, test equipment and much more.

Eight Tips to Keep Your CNC Machine Working Better and Longer

Expert Charmilles CNC Circuit Board RepairsThink about it…if you go to the doctor and he or she treats only your obvious symptoms, are you cured?  Probably not.  Sooner or later the problem will return.  Getting at the root cause of the problem is key to the cure for both humans and machines.

For example, how many times have you or, let’s say somebody you know, replaced a damaged circuit board, only to have the same problem happen again?  The circuit board often takes one on the chin for the team!

To protect your CNC equipment, you must first recognize (and eliminate/reduce) the repeat offenders:  heat, dirt, corrosion, vibration, moisture, current surges, and voltage transients.  Here are eight tips for preventing and dealing with your CNC machines and the control circuit board:

  1. Keep the air flowing, especially in sealed cabinets.  Air conditioning is nice, but expensive.  Just keeping the air flowing past these machines is often enough.  Keep the cooling fan and duct filter clean and functional by inspecting at least every six months.
  2. If problems develop with your CNC, make sure to zero out the machine and move the spindle into the home position before troubleshooting.
  3. Keep things dry and clean.  No sloppy pigs in the machine shop!  (Unless they are soaking up oil!)  Corrosion and dirt are some nasty customers but you may be able to avoid repairs, at least for a little while longer, by simply removing the board and reinstalling /reseating it.  Which doesn’t cost you anything!  The simple action of removing the board is often enough to loosen built up corrosion residue or dirt and reestablish a good connection to buy yourself  some time before you need circuit board repairs.
  4. Lubrication and air are your CNC’s good friends.  Make sure it is getting enough of both.  If the air pressure or oil pressure get too low, the machine will not continue running properly costing you time and money.
  5. Clean out the chip drawer.  I repeat…no sloppy pigs in the shop!  Overfull chip boxes inhibit coolant flow creating excess heat which is never good.
  6. Inspect, or if necessary get someone who knows how to inspect your motor and your memory storage batteries.  Change the batteries for your RAM memory once a year  so you can rest easy knowing that if there is a power failure you will not lose critical information. Don’t forget to back up first!
  7. Have a SPARE circuit board configured and set with the proper dip switch setting if needed and know where it is.  Your CNC machine will invariably break down during a rush job and you will be glad to have that spare.  During slower times, load the spare circuit board into the machine just to test it.
  8. Last but not least, when you finally do need repairs, tell your service provider everything.  Having all the information will speed up the evaluation and repair process.

When you do need CNC circuit board repairs, choose a reputable industrial electronic repair shop that provides free evaluations, good service, and a solid warranty.

Expert Lambda Power Supply Repair

TDK-Lambda Americas has established a strong reputation for excellence over the years. In fact, since its inception in 1945, it has continued to innovate and manufacture power supply devices for various industries. Eventually your Lambda power supply may require repairs by a specialist in Lambda power supply repair.

One of its most popular Lambda products is the Lambda power supply, and there are various models of the power supply available to meet the needs of the company’s varied customers. Some of these models include the switching power supply, the DC power supply, the high voltage power supply, the low voltage power supply and others. While these devices were designed for long-term use in a commercial or manufacturing environment, they nonetheless can develop repair issues over time. When you need Lambda power supply repair, you want to turn to the trusted team at ACS Industrial Services.

The experts at ACS Industrial can help you with all of your Lambda power supply repair needs regardless of the type of power supply that you are using. We understand that most of our customers are initially concerned about the cost. You can ship your damaged equipment to us, and we will quickly inspect it and provide you with a firm, free estimate for the repairs you need. After you review our estimate, you will see that repairing your equipment with ACS Industrial is more economical than replacing the equipment.

Your next concern may be how quickly the repair work can be completed. We offer standard and expedited repair services to meet your needs. Standard repair services are completed within about a week or two, and expedited services can be completed within a couple of days. Our repair experts will complete your repair quickly and with care.  In fact, we place a one-year warranty on the work that we complete for you unless otherwise noted, give you reassurance.

ACS Industrial Services is the trusted company that many depend on for their Lambda power supply repair needs and other types of equipment repairs. Request an estimate for the repair service that you need today, and you will see first-hand why we are the company that others turn to time and again for all of their electronic repair needs.

Expert Fanuc Repair Service

When equipment breaks down, it wastes a lot of time and money. This is why businesses need to have reliable Fanuc industrial repair services on call. Developing a relationship with experts at ACS Industrial Services ensures that people can quickly repair rather than replace a wide range of equipment. This saves an organization a lot of time and money and ensures that equipment is operating at peak performance.

Malfunctioning Equipment

Over time, it is normal to need some servicing on Fanuc industrial equipment. ACS Industrial experts understand that time is money so they quickly diagnose the issue. Most repairs are completed between 7-15 days and ACS offers quick shipping. ACS stands by all of their work: all repairs come with a full one-year warranty unless otherwise noted.

Save a Lot of Money

Replacing machines is incredibly costly. For a fraction of the cost, ACS Industrial can provide high quality Fanuc industrial repair services. For example, experts report that repairing machines is 15-50% of the cost that replacement would run. ACS will provide accurate estimates and make the repair process easy reducing your stress and downtime.

Expert Fanuc Repair Service

ACS Industrial repairs a wide range of industrial equipment. Everything from industrial electronics, printed circuit boards, servo motors and drivers to PLCs, telecom equipment and encoders can be handled by our repair experts. Quick Fanuc industrial repair services are affordable when people work with professionals.

Save Investment Risk

ACS understands that you need to work with reliable technicians for all of your repairs. Free evaluations and repair quotes give you upfront information to make a good repair decisions. Our one-year warranty gives you reassurance. A detailed repair pricing list is available on the ACS website.

Anyone dealing with malfunctioning industrial equipment needs to give ACS Industrial Services  a call today. Let Fanuc industrial repair experts get your equipment repaired quickly and efficiently. No one wants to deal with surprising breakdowns. Working with experts in the industry saves organizations a lot of time and money. Replacements can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For sometimes half the price, one can quickly repair the machine.

Expert Fanuc Touch Screen Monitor Repair

In certain manufacturing and machining environments, the use of a touch screen monitor is highly beneficial. As instrumental as your touch screen product is, it may require Fanuc industrial repair services from time to time. ACS Industrial Services is the company to rely on for all of your electronic machining equipment repair services.

There are several models of touch screen monitors that are in use in various manufacturing facilities around the globe today. Some of these touch screen include the 90 Series, the RX7i Series, the VersaMax, the Quick Panel Series and others. Each of these products has different features and benefits, and you may have carefully selected the products in use in your facility based on the benefits it could provide.

ACS Industrial has been the go-to source that companies like yours have been relying on for years when their high-quality machining and manufacturing equipment requires repair services. We can provide you with Fanuc industrial repair for all equipment made by this manufacturer, and this includes touch screen monitors. We strive to provide you with the most competitive rates for our services, and often, repairing this type of equipment is less than half the cost of a full replacement. This makes our repair service a cost-effective remedy to your current repair issue.

If your touchscreen monitor by Fanuc has been damaged in some way, you can simply ship it to our repair center. One of our expert technicians will inspect it upon receipt, and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation repair quote. It is our goal to help you repair your Fanuc equipment in an affordable way and with fast results. In most cases, an estimate will be provided to you within one to two days after we receive the item, and we can complete most repairs within one to two weeks. If your needs are urgent, we do offer expedited service. ACS Industrial is a leader in Fanuc industrial repair services, and after using us once, you will experience our professional and dedication to customer satisfaction first-hand.

Expert Fanuc Power Supply Repair

There are many different types of Fanuc power supplies available for you to choose from, and these offer you various levels of control to meet your needs. You may have also chosen the Fanuc brand of power supply because of the company’s long-standing history of excellence. However, with regular use of your power supply, it is bound to develop repair issues over time. ACS Industrial Services is the reliable, dependable company that you can call for all of your Fanuc power supply repair needs. You may have spent a considerable amount of time researching the options and ensuring that the model that you purchased fully met your needs. Keep them at peak operation with proper maintenance. We are experts in fanuc power supply repair including the 3 Series, the 5 Series, the Plastic Modular Series and others.

Depending on the type of power supply that you are using in your facility today, you may have spent a few hundred dollars or more on your equipment, and it may have crossed your mind that it may be more affordable to simply replace your equipment than to repair it. However, before you make a final decision, you should obtain a free estimate for Fanuc power supply repair from ACS Industrial. We are known for providing fast, high-quality repair services with reasonable prices. To obtain a quote, you simply have to ship your power supply unit to us for a free evaluation. We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with an affordable, firm estimate for the repair. Most of the time, our repair costs are about 15 to 50 percent of the cost of a new unit, so repairing your unit with us is often the most cost effective solution.

While provide our customers with quality results, fair rates, fast service. We understand that your Fanuc power supply is a critical component of your operations, and we can complete Fanuc power supply repair typically in about seven to 15 days. Expedited service is also available upon request. If you are dealing with a broken power supply, your first step should be to ship it to ACS Industrial Services for a free estimate.

Experts in Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

If you have been searching the Internet for Fanuc servo motor troubleshooting tips, you are not alone. There are various models of servo motors that you may use in your facility, and all models are expertly crafted to produce powerful, efficient results in your facility. These machines are known for durability and are designed to be used in intensive work environments. However, with regular use, a servo motor may develop repair issues. Before you begin looking for a repair company to call on, you may be researching basic Fanuc servo motor troubleshooting tips. While basic troubleshooting efforts may easily and quickly provide you with the efficient results that you want, the fact is that some problems will require professional repair services.

When your Fanuc servo motor troubleshooting efforts are not effective, you can call ACS Industrial for expert repair services. We specialize in repairing all types of Fanuc servo motors. We also repair other electronic Fanuc equipment as well as equipment made by other manufacturers. We have been one of the most trusted and dependable repair resources that companies like yours have turned to for their repair needs over the years, and we can help you to quickly solve your repair challenges. Regardless of what type of Fanuc motor you need repaired, our skilled team of experts can provide you with the results you need.

If you are interested in Fanuc servo motor troubleshooting repair service, you can ship your equipment to ACS Industrial Services today for a free estimate. You will only need to pay for the shipping fees to receive an estimate. With your estimate in hand, you can see how competitive our rates are. Our rates generally are considerably less than the cost of a full replacement, providing you with a cost-effective way to address your repair needs. We offer fast standard repair service, or you can request expedited service and have your equipment repaired and shipped back to you sometimes within 48 hours. We make it easy and affordable to address your electronic equipment repair requirements.

Expert Fanuc Servo Drive Repair

Fanuc servo drives are used in conjunction with various types of control systems in machining operations. From time to time Fanuc servo drive repair is needed. Fanuc Servo Drives are essentially electronic amplifiers that are used to control motion in relation to a command signal released from a servomechanism. These are generally smaller in size, but they serve a highly critical function. Because of this, many companies like yours have made the decision to invest in a Fanuc servo drive due to the reputation for power and reliability that this brand has established. Fanuc has been in business for over four decades, so its reputation has been established through proven results over the years. As you might imagine, however, damage can develop through wear and tear of these devices as well as through accidents and other related events. When you need Fanuc servo drive repair in your facility, you want to turn to the experts at ACS Industrial Services for affordable and efficient repairs.

There are various types of Fanuc servo drives, such as the S series, the C series and the AC digital model, to name a few. Regardless of the type of servo drive that you have, you can count on ACS Industrial for all of your repair needs. The Fanuc servo drive repair process at ACS Industrial is designed to be streamlined and efficient for you. At ACS Industrial, we understand that you need to get a repair or replacement for your equipment quickly. After all, you want to make sure that a repair is the right move.  Many Fanuc servo drive repair services performed by ACS Industrial are considerably more affordable than a replacement of the equipment. To learn more about the specific cost to repair your equipment, you will need to ship your equipment to our repair center for a free evaluation. We will quickly inspect it and diagnose the problem. With our firm repair quote in hand, you can make an informed repair decision.

ACS Industrial Services is a full-service industrial electronic repair equipment company that can assist you expert repairs. We provide our customers with first-class service and fast results because we understand that you rely on this equipment for specific and important functions in your facility.

Expert Lambda Repair Services

For almost 70 years, TDK-Lambda Americas has been providing electronic equipment to various industries, including manufacturing companies, the military, and others. ACS Industrial Services offers expert Lambda industrial repair services to keep this equipment in top shape for a long life expectancy. TDK-Lambda Americas has developed a solid reputation for innovation as well as for producing powerful, highly effective products. In many facilities across the country, Lambda high voltage and low voltage power supplies are used regularly. Just some of these models include the Genesys, the EMS, the 500A, the 102A and others. Each of these has different capabilities, features and specifications, and you may have spent a considerable amount of time perusing the options before you decided to invest in a specific model. These units have been designed for high-demand work environments, but they can develop damage from wear and tear, accidents and other events. When such events happen, you want to find a fast, affordable way to repair the damage.

ACS Industrial is well-known for providing quality repair services on Lambda products and other brands of electronic equipment that are used in various types of work environments. We work with companies worldwide to provide them with Lambda industrial repair services and other similar types of services. We are known for providing highly competitive rates, and you can learn how affordable our rates are for your specific Lambda industrial repair need today by requesting an estimate. We provide free estimates after inspecting the equipment. You only need to pay the shipping fees. Most damaged equipment can be repaired at a price that is more affordable than replacing it. Furthermore, we can make the repair quickly for you. We understand that you depend on your Lambda equipment for a critical purpose in your facility, and we will work to provide you with Lambda industrial repair service without delay.

If you are interested in learning more about our industrial equipment repair services or if you would like to inquire about a replacement, you can contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions and will communicate with you throughout the Lambda industrial repair process.

Experts in Fanuc PLC Repairs

If you are looking for a reliable company to work with for Fanuc PLC troubleshooting and repairs, you want to turn to the pros at ACS Industrial Services. A Fanuc PLC is often a critical component in a manufacturing or machining environment. Fanuc has been one of the most trusted brands in the industry for over four decades, and its products are designed to be used regularly and in harsh environments. They are durable and reliable, but they can break from time to time. When they do break down or begin to malfunction, you certainly want to explore your repair and troubleshooting options in detail.

ACS Industrial is among the most trusted resources that companies like yours rely on for their repair and troubleshooting needs. The company offers free estimates for Fanuc PLC troubleshooting and repairs services, and you only need to pay to ship the equipment to us. We will evaluate the equipment without cost to you, and we can provide you with a highly competitive quote for repairs. Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective options and to make any repairs needed in an expedited time frame. We guarantee that repairs will be completed within about seven to 15 days, and we offer expedited services for critical repair needs. We understand that your facility may not be fully operational without this equipment available for use, and we strive to ensure that your repair is completed quickly.

ACS Industrial has been providing companies like yours with repair and Fanuc PLC troubleshooting services on Fanuc equipment as well as other leading brands of machining and industrial equipment for over 12 years. We are the experts that other companies have been relying on for fast and affordable results, and we can help you with all of your electronic machining equipment problems too. If you are interested in learning more about our troubleshooting and repair services today, you can contact our customer service representatives with specific questions. To obtain a free estimate for the service you need, ship your equipment to us, and we will begin working on a repair estimate quickly.