Expert Lambda Repair Services

For almost 70 years, TDK-Lambda Americas has been providing electronic equipment to various industries, including manufacturing companies, the military, and others. ACS Industrial Services offers expert Lambda industrial repair services to keep this equipment in top shape for a long life expectancy. TDK-Lambda Americas has developed a solid reputation for innovation as well as for producing powerful, highly effective products.

In many facilities across the country, Lambda high voltage and low voltage power supplies are used regularly. Just some of these models include the Genesys, the EMS, the 500A, the 102A and others. Each of these has different capabilities, features and specifications, and you may have spent a considerable amount of time perusing the options before you decided to invest in a specific model. These units have been designed for high-demand work environments, but they can develop damage from wear and tear, accidents and other events. When such events happen, you want to find a fast, affordable way to repair the damage.

ACS Industrial is well-known for providing quality repair services on Lambda products and other brands of electronic equipment that are used in various types of work environments. We work with companies worldwide to provide them with Lambda industrial repair services and other similar types of services. We are known for providing highly competitive rates, and you can learn how affordable our rates are for your specific Lambda industrial repair need today by requesting an estimate. We provide free estimates after inspecting the equipment. You only need to pay the shipping fees. Most damaged equipment can be repaired at a price that is more affordable than replacing it. Furthermore, we can make the repair quickly for you. We understand that you depend on your Lambda equipment for a critical purpose in your facility, and we will work to provide you with Lambda industrial repair service without delay.

If you are interested in learning more about our industrial equipment repair services or if you would like to inquire about a replacement, you can contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions and will communicate with you throughout the Lambda industrial repair process.