Breaking News! ACS Industrial Announces Two Year Warranties!

ACS Industrial has two year warrnty

We’ve just upped our rock solid warranty from one year to two!  And, the new two-year warranty STILL covers both parts and labor as it always has.  No fine print.   We stand behind our expert workmanship!

When your equipment breaks down after the OEM warranty is up, you might feel a bit abandoned by your OEM.  They would rather sell you an expensive new piece of equipment.

But chances are good that your equipment still has a lot of life left in it, and with ACS Industrial Services you’ve got options.  Repair makes good sense that saves you money and improves your bottom line.  Two year warranties just make it even better.

We will repair your item including preventively replacing aging or failure-prone components.  We take this step to make sure your unit is successfully repaired and ready to go back under load.  Then we provide you with a two year warranty on the entire unit repaired.

Our new warranty takes effect Wednesday May 1, 2013.  Repairs completed after May 1 are covered with the new two year warranty unless otherwise stated.

Send your damaged industrial electronics to ACS today for a free evaluation and quote for repairs.  Then enjoy putting your repaired item back into production and relax knowing you’ve got a two year warranty

ACS Industrial repairs damaged circuit boards, power supplies, monitors & touch screens, PLCs, servo motors, drives, encoders, CNC equipment, test equipment and much more.