Could Industrial Electronic Repair Success be Boring?

ACS Industrial Services for Expert Industrial Electronic Repair ServicesI went looking through our database for some dramatic repair stories to share with you today…you know, like “forklift speared servo drive unit; customer needs damaged servo drive repaired in 24 hours super rush!”

Not that we don’t get those panic rush requests pretty often, and we love meeting those challenges, but the real drama that struck me today was in the sheer volume of consistent, every-single-day, smooth repairs of your valuable electronics.  No drama, no unsolvable problems, just consistent repair successes with satisfied customers.  Sometimes the drama is cloaked in predictability and that, my friends, is a very good thing.

If consistent success is, well, boring, so be it.  But don’t worry; I’ll still be sharing tales of crazy industrial electronic repairs partly because they can inspire new ways of meeting a repair challenge, but also because everybody loves a gory and riveting repair story that ends well.  So bring on the boring and bring on the challenges!  It’s all good!

Recycle Your Unrepairable Industrial Electronics Today

Recycle Your Unrepairable Electronics TodayDid you know that today is officially America Recycles Day?  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either until I consulted my calendar.  There are many reasons your company might choose to recycle unrepairable industrial electronics, but one reason that resonates with almost everyone is “saving money”.

It’s not rocket science – repairing or reusing damaged electronics is a money saver.  Repairing damaged electronics makes good sense and when they are truly unrepairable, recycling is the best option. We can help with that.

If the item you sent to ACS for repair is damaged beyond repair, you can elect to have us dispose of it in an environmentally sensitive manner, recycling the metals such as gold, palladium, zinc, mercury, silver and platinum as well as the mineral silica present in the glass of the screens and tubes. Let us take the worry and the bother out of the equation!

Case Study: Preventing Unnecessary Repeat Repair Costs

Expert Fanuc A06B-6134-H203#A Drive RepairsHave you ever had to repair your electronic equipment twice?  Or more times even?  For the same, exact problem?  Maybe, for example, an expensive drive repair?  This unfortunate situation does happen with some regularity and it can usually be prevented by taking some simple, no cost/low cost steps.

Here’s a very recent case study in which this scenario was completely averted.  A Fanuc drive arrived on our loading dock needing repair.  Enclosed with the unit were notes about the errors it was showing.  Notes are great!

The repair was completed and shipped back like clockwork, but here’s the big difference.  The customer wanted to know some possible causes for this particular failure.  There are many of course, but here are a few we provided them to help isolate the problem:

Possible Drive Failure Causes

1. Open fuse.

2. Defective main power contactor.

3. Open or loose connections in wiring.

4. Defective step down transformer if one is used in this application.

A little time spent investigating the root cause of the failure before reinstalling a repaired unit can save you a big headache and a chunk of change.

Is this rocket science?  Heck no.  A big surprise?  Of course not.  But the prevention approach does bear repeating because it is too often overlooked.  Save yourself the headache and the extra money by checking out the integrity of the machine your damaged unit came out of before reinstalling the repaired unit.  Simple.  Worth it.  No extra money spent on repeat drive repairs this time!

About ACS Industrial Services:  ACS Industrial Services is a third-party industrial electronic repair company with facilities in Maryland and North Carolina providing expert repair services for  industrial electronic equipment from circuit board repairs to servo motor repairs and everything inbetween.  ACS Industrial Services provides expert repair services for virtually all types of commercial and industrial electronics. Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small, sole proprietors. We welcome international customers.


Frankenstorm Sandy Will NOT Keep Americans Down for Long

ACS Industrial Services feels very blessed and very lucky to have survived Frankenstorm Sandy relatively unscathed.  All of our facilities are currently up and running at full speed.  Yes, some of our Maryland staff lost power for quite a while and had minor storm damage, but this is nothing but a minor inconvenience compared to the devastation our many friends and customers are experiencing in New Jersey, New York and along virtually the entire East Coast shoreline.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

For our many industrial customers, please know that some water-damaged industrial electronics can be repaired and you may not have to dispose of all of your equipment.  Contact our customer service team if you think you might need any industrial electronic repairs.  We will help you determine the potential reparability of your water-logged or damaged industrial electronics.  It’s one more way we can help get American industry back on its feet after this devastating storm.

You can reach us at 800-605-6419 or go directly to our website at ACS Industrial Services for more information or to request a free evaluation for your damaged industrial electronics.