Could Industrial Electronic Repair Success be Boring?

I went looking through our database for some dramatic repair stories to share with you today…you know, like “forklift speared servo drive unit; customer needs damaged servo drive repaired in 24 hours super rush!”

Recycle Your Unrepairable Industrial Electronics Today

Did you know that today is officially America Recycles Day?  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either until I consulted my calendar.  There are many reasons your company might choose to recycle unrepairable industrial electronics, but one reason that resonates with almost everyone is “saving money”.

Case Study: Preventing Unnecessary Repeat Repair Costs

Have you ever had to repair your electronic equipment twice?  Or more times even?  For the same, exact problem?  Maybe, for example, an expensive drive repair?  This unfortunate situation does happen with some regularity and it can usually be prevented by taking some simple, no cost/low cost steps.

Frankenstorm Sandy Will NOT Keep Americans Down for Long

ACS Industrial Services feels very blessed and very lucky to have survived Frankenstorm Sandy relatively unscathed.  All of our facilities are currently up and running at full speed.  Yes, some of our Maryland staff lost power for quite a while and had minor storm damage, but this is nothing but […]