Could Industrial Electronic Repair Success be Boring?

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I went looking through our database for some dramatic repair stories to share with you today…you know, like “forklift speared servo drive unit; customer needs damaged servo drive repaired in 24 hours super rush!”

Not that we don’t get those panic rush requests pretty often, and we love meeting those challenges, but the real drama that struck me today was in the sheer volume of consistent, every-single-day, smooth repairs of your valuable electronics.  No drama, no unsolvable problems, just consistent repair successes with satisfied customers.  Sometimes the drama is cloaked in predictability and that, my friends, is a very good thing.

If consistent success is, well, boring, so be it.  But don’t worry; I’ll still be sharing tales of crazy industrial electronic repairs partly because they can inspire new ways of meeting a repair challenge, but also because everybody loves a gory and riveting repair story that ends well.  So bring on the boring and bring on the challenges!  It’s all good!