Recycle Your Unrepairable Industrial Electronics Today

Recycle Your Unrepairable Electronics Today

Did you know that today is officially America Recycles Day?  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either until I consulted my calendar.  There are many reasons your company might choose to recycle unrepairable industrial electronics, but one reason that resonates with almost everyone is “saving money”.

It’s not rocket science – repairing or reusing damaged electronics is a money saver.  Repairing damaged electronics makes good sense and when they are truly unrepairable, recycling is the best option. We can help with that.

If the item you sent to ACS for repair is damaged beyond repair, you can elect to have us dispose of it in an environmentally sensitive manner, recycling the metals such as gold, palladium, zinc, mercury, silver and platinum as well as the mineral silica present in the glass of the screens and tubes. Let us take the worry and the bother out of the equation!