Long Distance Relationships DO Work

No power light on board.  No LCD on logic board.  CNC not working.  Work halted.  These are words no manufacturer of any size wants to see or hear.  It is the sound of work stopping – a mighty bad sound.

8 Tips for Buying the Right Automation Equipment

Making a big investment in new automation equipment may cause you to become paralyzed with fear of making a mistake.  Buyer’s remorse is a gut-twisting feeling no one wants to have whether the item is as small as a new cell phone or a much larger purchase like a new […]

Being a Keeper

There are all kinds of keepers.  Goal keepers, lion keepers, game keepers, scorekeepers, book keepers and, of course, the big fish that was “a keeper”.   This morning, while having some intensely delicious coffee at The Filling Station, I met a new kind of keeper – the Gunpowder River Keeper.  Yes, […]

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and…Power Supplies?

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and…power supplies?  Oh yeah…power supplies are everywhere and in everything.  Ubiquitous and almost as necessary as oxygen, the underappreciated yeoman power supply runs the motors of your life, from the microscopic to the 40,000 volt monster variety.