Being a Keeper

There are all kinds of keepers.  Goal keepers, lion keepers, game keepers, scorekeepers, book keepers and, of course, the big fish that was “a keeper”.   This morning, while having some intensely delicious coffee at The Filling Station, I met a new kind of keeper – the Gunpowder River Keeper.  Yes, this fellow is in charge of “keeping” the fabulous and famous fly fishing destination in Maryland, the Gunpowder River.  The common denominator?  Someone that keeps things safe or cared for.

I’m thinking that we are keepers as well as repairers…industrial electronics keepers.  Nothing makes me happier than to repair your industrial electronics and get them back to you in good working order and to know that you are satisfied with our performance in “keeping” your electronics.  Industrial Electronic Repair Keeper…hmm, I’m liking the way that feels, sort of like putting on the perfectly worn-in baseball glove.

What about you?   What kind of “keeper” are you?