Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and…Power Supplies?

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and…power supplies?  Oh yeah…power supplies are everywhere and in everything.  Ubiquitous and almost as necessary as oxygen, the underappreciated yeoman power supply runs the motors of your life, from the microscopic to the 40,000 volt monster variety.

And, at any given time, a considerable bunch of them are not working.  One minute everything is literally humming along smoothly and then suddenly, it’s not.  Not moving, not humming, not doing anything except maybe emitting smoke and that unmistakable burned electrical smell.  We call that the “smoke genie” and believe me, that genie is NOT there for you to make three wishes.

Many, many power supplies (such as consumer, household type power supplies) are made too cheaply to be repaired economically.  That’s a shame but it is true.  However, most industrial/commercial grade power supplies are economically repairable.  So don’t cry and don’t throw it away.   Get a free evaluation first, and then decide if it’s a goner or if power supply repair is a realistic option.