Long Distance Relationships DO Work

Get Fuji industrial electronic equipment repaired

No power light on board.  No LCD on logic board.  CNC not working.  Work halted.  These are words no manufacturer of any size wants to see or hear.  It is the sound of work stopping – a mighty bad sound.

Such was the case recently for a precision turned parts company in Auckland, New Zealand.  Getting their Fuji servo amp repaired locally did not work out so they turned to ACS Industrial Services.   Now mind you, we are in the United States, not exactly around the corner for our New Zealand friends so you know they were anxious.  That CNC needed to be “earning its keep” and quickly.

Our techs got on the servo amp right away and were able to repair and replace the necessary parts successfully.  She tested out perfectly and was shipped right back to New Zealand where she went right back to business.  Power lights on!  LCD on logic board!  CNC working!  Music to our customer’s ears.  In fact, this is what they had to say:

“Please thank your team for the very prompt repair on our Fuji servo drive board, we are now able to get our production underway again. ACS will be our first line of contact in the future with any repair we have to get done on our CNC electronic controller equipment boards.’

Now, that’s music to our ears!

The point is, it does not matter if you are right down the street from ACS or on the other side of the earth.  We will get your item repaired as promptly as possible and return it to you as promptly as possible.

Industrial electronic repair services are what we do!   From CNC equipment repairs to servo motor repairs and everything in between.  Locally and globally.  Long distance relationships can and DO work just fine!