YES! ACS Industrial Repairs Medical Electronics

GE Healthcare electronics repairsYou’ve been asking!  These days we are frequently asked, “Do you repair medical electronics?” The answer is YES! ACS repairs many electronics for medical and laboratory devices. And, our experienced technicians have more than 20 years of experience with electronic medical and laboratory equipment repairs!

When your electronic equipment is not working, we know that you canphilips monitor repairs’t get the job done and everyone suffers. Our turnaround time is fast with RUSH repairs taking as little as 2-5 days to complete. We are an independent third-party repair house servicing out of warranty equipment that the OEM no longer supports. Our goal is to get your malfunctioning electronic equipment back up and running Fast, Accurately, and Economically.


Recycle Your Unrepairable Industrial Electronics Today

Recycle Your Unrepairable Electronics TodayDid you know that today is officially America Recycles Day?  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either until I consulted my calendar.  There are many reasons your company might choose to recycle unrepairable industrial electronics, but one reason that resonates with almost everyone is “saving money”.

It’s not rocket science – repairing or reusing damaged electronics is a money saver.  Repairing damaged electronics makes good sense and when they are truly unrepairable, recycling is the best option. We can help with that.

If the item you sent to ACS for repair is damaged beyond repair, you can elect to have us dispose of it in an environmentally sensitive manner, recycling the metals such as gold, palladium, zinc, mercury, silver and platinum as well as the mineral silica present in the glass of the screens and tubes. Let us take the worry and the bother out of the equation!

Why Get Industrial Electronics Repaired

Get Electronic RepairsWatching the television series “Revolution” the other night got me thinking about electronics (as if I’m ever NOT thinking about electronics!) and the way things have changed dramatically in just a few short years.  Awhile back, many of our customers were throwing away many damaged industrial electronics – somehow it just seemed easier.  How things have changed!

Even knowing that warp speed innovation can render our electronics obsolete faster than we can write the check for them, these days we are all thinking twice before dumping broken electronic equipment.  Why repair industrial electronics?

No more throwaway mentality.  These are all important reasons to consider your options when you’ve got broken or damaged electronic equipment.

Most industrial electronics ARE repairable and these days, by choosing a top notch electronics repair house you can get your equipment repaired quickly and for far less than the cost of new.  Of course, sometimes, buying new is unavoidable.  Here are a few basic things to consider when making your repair/replace decision:

  • What is the cost of the unit?
  • Is it under warranty?
  • How badly is it damaged?
  • What kind of turnaround time is needed?
  • What is the cost of repairs?

More often than not, repair is the most cost effective and responsible option.   This is a new era of manufacturing and we hear it from our customers every single day – their budgets aren’t deep and natural resources are not endless  – repair just makes sense!

A Case Study for Creative Solutions for Allen Bradley Touch Screen Repair

Allen Bradley Touch Screen Repairs

Successful Allen Bradley Touch Screen Repair

Case Study for Repairs on aging Touch Screen:   Who says electronic repair work doesn’t require creativity?  Yes, experience, education, skill, and patience (lots of that!) are necessary.  But a good dose of creativity is just what can make the difference in solving a challenging repair.

This aging and long out-of-warranty Allen Bradley touch screen control panel was deposited on our loading dock nearly dead on arrival.  I say “nearly” DOA because while it did power up, which was a definite plus, it was otherwise non-responsive.  Among other age-related problems, a video problem on the motherboard was causing no video to the LCD (digital) output or on the VGA output (analog).

The customer was anxious to get this unit repaired and back in service and I mean this exact unit, not a replacement.  Our expert tech staff determined that even though major replacement parts for this unit were unavailable (such as the very-important LCD panel) it could still be repaired with some ingenuity, some clever secondary market purchases, and access to our deep parts “boneyard”.  And, despite some rather  “invasive surgery”, it would still look and perform identically to the original.

With approval from our customer, this unit was repaired almost entirely with used parts.   Even the case was expertly modified to accept a different panel.   We retrofitted the backlight, and analog to digital interface board from the replacement monitor to fit inside the cabinet but had to discard the monitor power supply, and route power from the existing source.  When “surgery” was complete, the touch screen was accurate and calibrated at the very first test and required NO adjustments!  Way to go!

My motto has always been, and I mean always, where there’s a will, there’s a way.  This customer really needed their Allen Bradley touch screen control panel to be back up and running and with no replacement units immediately available, by gum we were STILL going to find a solution!

Hats off to our extraordinary tech staff for finding and executing a workable and cost-effective solution and to our customer for bravely approving an “alternative” approach.

Are Voltage Regulators Really Necessary?

Get Fast & Accurate Quotes for Expert Industrial Electronic RepairsThe answer to this question could be “it depends”, but I’m going to go right out to end of the tree limb and say the answer is “yes”, voltage regulators are necessary, even here in the United States where the delivery of power is pretty consistent.

Consistent to the extent that it is better than in developing nations, but perfectly consistent? No.  In the U.S. there is a voltage drop of about 3-15% from the point where the electrical service delivers the power to where the power is actually consumed within any given industrial facility, mainly due to wire impedance.

3-15% may sound inconsequential, but multiply this repeatedly and you start to get the picture.  This is especially true for critical or highly sensitive machinery such as MRI and oncology equipment in medical facilities, and recording equipment.

Over time, voltage sags, surges, and variations cause equipment damage, diminish equipment life span, cause digital errors and memory reboots, and production delays which cost you more money by way of:

Ask yourself two questions: What does it cost per hour when your system is down?  How much will it cost to restart the system?  That should tell you whether automatic voltage regulation is important to your operation.

Automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) come in too many sizes, types and applications to list them all.  They can be as tiny as a component on a circuit board and as large as a tractor trailer. Voltage regulation is also the ultimate purpose of units referred to as power conditioners and usually combine that function with voltage drop compensation, surge suppression, short circuit protection, phase to phase voltage balancing, line noise reduction, harmonic  filtering, and more.

To know which of the following sample of AVR’s you will need, you will definitely want to do your homework with your engineer, electrician, and sales reps:

  • Ferroresonant transformer
  • Forroresonant voltage regulator
  • Tap changer
  • Tap-switching voltage regulator
  • Servo voltage regulator
  • Servo voltage stabilizer
  • Motorized variac
  • Variable autotransformer
  • Line drop compensator
  • Step voltage regulator
  • Electronic voltage regulator
  • Constant voltage transformer
  • Magnetic induction voltage regulator
  • On-load tap changer

And that’s just some of the options.

By the way, we do not sell voltage regulator equipment.  We do however repair industrial electronic
equipment and we see the results of this damage every day.  We can repair your damaged equipment and are happy to do so, but we know you would much rather avoid preventable repairs.

If you find yourself in the aggravating situation of needing industrial electronic repair services such as power supply repairs, servo motor repairs, plc repairs, drive repairs, encoder repairs, circuit board repairs, cnc equipment repairs you can click on any of these links or call our helpful customer service reps at 800-605-6419.  ACS Industrial Services is here to get you back up and running full speed ahead!

The Secret to Success is Not Keeping Success a Secret

Get Great Customer Service With Your Industrial Electronic Repairs at ACSJust yesterday I was listening to a sports interviewer (who shall go unnamed) baiting Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens by suggesting the team was great but  “stuck” with QB Joe Flacco.  It made me think for a few minutes about why Joe Flacco does not seem to get the media respect that he statistically deserves.  As  I explained to two of my three sons (while waiting for the school bus at 6:20 a.m.!), maybe it’s because he is a pretty low key guy and does not spend much time, for better or worse, tooting his own horn.

After the big yellow school bus pulled away, I thought about this some more and applied it to our business.  An “Aha!” moment.  The secret to success is NOT keeping success a secret – but with at least some degree of dignity.  That same day I received a note from one of our customers that went like this:

“I think everyone at ACS is so prompt and professional and it’s actually a pleasure doing business with ACS. I recommend ACS to everyone I do business with.”

Now, we get quite a few comments like this which reassures me our customer service team members are absolutely the best.  Great repairs are important, but the process shouldn’t be painful.  Superior customer service is the sweet spot…the great differentiator.

If you’ve been getting the runaround from your industrial electronic repair house, give our team a call at 800-605-6419.  We promise we will do everything possible to
get your industrial electronics repaired and returned to you quickly and in good working order … with a pleasant and helpful attitude.

Visit our ACS Industrial Services website too where you can find info on all types of industrial electronic repair services from circuit board repairs to servo drive repairs to monitor & touch screen repairs.  And if you have comments, praise, or yes, even complaints, please let us know.  We do want to hear from you.

And as a final thought, what was that guy thinking baiting Terrell Suggs?!  Hasn’t he seen what this guy does to opposing quarterbacks?  I suspect even Pittsburgh’s Big Ben Roethlisberger dreads facing Mr. Suggs on game day because he knows the next day he is going to be hurting!  Go Ravens!!